Who we are?


ust Unique Consultation is an corporate event contractor which was founded by a group of young entrepreneurs who realised the lack of something vital in the event management industry – a one-stop service provider that answered all their clients’ needs under one roof.


To Be The Malaysian Leading One Stop Event Solutions Provider For Exhibition And Road Show.


Creating Hassle Free Experience , Customers’ Delights And Great Value To All Our Customers In The Chosen Market.


  1. Passion to serve
  2. Teamwork
  3. Efficiency
  4. Reliable
  5. Caring

Event Management Company Profile

With our ‘one-stop solutions’ concept, you can be assured that every aspect of your event is well-managed from A to Z. Under the care of dedicated and experienced account managers, Just Unique offers you total peace of mind with our full range of services.

Your Most Wanted Exhibition Contractor in the Region

We are experienced exhibiton contractor situated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We have completed a number of exhibitions and almost all customers are happy with our services. We have great communication and organisational skills. One of our success element is we always listen to our customers which allow us to attend to every detail.

We liaise closely with our clients and follow every detail that they have in mind. We also are having detailed organising fof facilities such as car park, security, multimedia, hospitalily and so on.

Event Planner in Malaysia

We were born out of the conviction that there is a more precise, efficient and productive way for all businesses to have successful and meaningful events with dedicated and experienced planners.

At Just Unique, we have many years of combined experience in client services, meeting planning, logistics, and on-site management, bred with a unique skill set to complete events with great precision.

Our senior management team is comprised of many valuable people. They have many years of career experience garnered from the mass media, educational institutions, non-profits, and financial institutions. Having honed their precision, creativity, reliability, and institutional effectiveness in all of these fields, the pair founded this company as the obvious next step to provide a broader spectrum of clients with successful corporate events.

Just Unique is incredibly efficient in planning your event. We can cater to all your needs and requirements.

We always ensure that customer satisfaction is the utmost priority for us. We share the same happiness with the customers for a successful event.


Why Choose Us?

1. Creative Ideas and Proven Event Formats

We as experienced event organiser will always help to come out with innovative and creative ideas for your events. We have the event formats that are being tested and solutions that we know will work well for your event.

2. Save Your Time and Money

We can plan ahead your event according to your budget and we can saves your precious time as what you need to do is just provide the date and location to us and we will taking care of all the rest.

3. Expertise and Knowledge

The knowledge and expertise that we have in this field is one of our valuable possession. Our experience in this industry can always meet customer’s expectations where we can help in offering professional advice and suggestions to our customers.

4. Understand of Target Audience

It is very important to know your target audience for your event. The demographic play a vital role to get the right participants to attend your event. We have the resources in place to ensure that most of the attendees who come to your event are the right one for your business.

Our Skills

Experience / 91%
Quality / 95%
Interesting / 92%
Efficiency / 94%