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Coway Retail At Mid Valley, Petaling Jaya

Coway retail at Mid-Valley, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. This is one of the most successful project of Just Unique in year 2015. Just Unique- a one-stop service provider that answered all their clients’ needs under one roof. At Just Unique, we keep on moving .We’re always improving and improvising – to give you a whole new experience you can’t find elsewhere.

Best Water Filters for Home: What to Look For

The best water filters for home use have several characteristics in common. This buying outlines what you should be looking for in the best home water filter for your purposes. Following that, you’ll find a brief description of your options.

Choosing the Right Water Filtration Products

The purpose of any water filter systems for home use is to get the water as pure as you want it for your requirements. The filter should also address the specific issues you have with your water. Consider these factors:

The Condition of the Water Entering your Home

The worse the condition of the water supply, the better the water filter will need to be. Some wells and municipal water supplies are pretty clean; others are filled with a variety of contaminants from microbial cysts to trace levels of pharmaceuticals.

If you don’t know what’s in your water supply, it might make sense to have it tested. Then, search for a water filter that will address the specific needs. The best water filters for home installation we review on this eliminate or reduce a range of problems including chlorine and its smell, chloroform, nitrite, nitrate, radon, lead, arsenic, mercury, sulfur, iron, pharmaceuticals and bacteria such as e-coli and others.

If you get water from a water utility company, you can also request the Consumer Confidence Report of the water that the EPA requires the utility to produce on a yearly basis. It details the quality of the water and what it contains. Keep in mind, however that the CCR reports show water tested at the water treatment facility. Contaminants from the pipes that carry it to your home can alter the quality of the water coming out of your tap.

Where do you Get the Water you Consume?

The issue here is, should you consider one of the whole house water filtration systems on the market, or is a point of use filter enough? Do you get water for drinking and cooking from just one tap? If so, countertop water filters or those that install under the sink will be sufficient. They often cost less than whole house water filters. But if you water clean water for the kitchen faucet or faucets, the refrigerator and bathrooms, then one of the whole house water filtration systems is a better choice.

Best Water Filters for Home Water – Your Options

We’ve mentioned several of these already, but here’s a description of each one and how it will work to ensure that the water you use is freer of common contaminants.

Whole House Water Filtration Systems

A water filter whole house model is installed where the water supply enters the house. It filters water on the main line before it divides to go to the water heater, kitchen, laundry, bathrooms, etc. The best water filters for home installation that filter all the water can cost RM150-RM3500 depending on the quality and the level of filtration. Some are single-stage, but most use multiple filter stages to do the best job. The system might start with a large-sediment filter, then use a small-particle filter and finish with an iron filter. Some of the best water filters for home installation use 4 or 5 stages.

Under Sink and Countertop Water Filters

These are point of use water filtration systems for home installation. They might be staged as well, with up to 5 filters. The filters are smaller to make the unit more compact and because they don’t have to filter as much water as a whole house model. The cost is typically RM50-RM200 depending on the quality and number of stages.

Today’s under sink and countertop water filters do an impressive job of cleaning contaminants from the water. If you get all your drinking and cooking water from the kitchen faucet, this might be a better choice than a whole house water filter.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Systems

Reverse osmosis, or RO, systems offer the most complete water filtration. If you want the purest drinking water possible, this point of use type of filter should be considered. In most water supplies, they can reduce total dissolved solids (TDS) to less than 100 parts per million, up to 10 times better than other types of water filters.

The drawback to RO water filter systems is that they take a long time to filter the water. You can’t simply turn on the tap and get filtered water. Typically, they work while you’re not using the water and slowly filter it into a holding tank. Some RO systems also waste quite a bit of water in the process. Up to 5 gallons of water might be required to produce one gallon of drinking water.

Pitcher Water Filters for Home Use

These systems are portable pitchers that contain a filter, a tank and a spigot. You pour water through the filter and into the tank. Then, the tank can be set in the refrigerator to provide cold, filtered water for drinking or cooking.

These are some of the best home water filter products if your water is pretty good to begin with. They are best at taking good water and making it excellent, but aren’t a good choice if your incoming water supply has significant issues to begin with. We recommend buying one of these filters from as they have a great range of products that are always at excellent prices. Click here to view the best selling pitcher water filters.

Selecting the Best Water Filters for Home Use:

In terms of filtration, reverse osmosis water filter systems offer the purest water. Whole-house, countertop and under sink models are next, though they vary in filtering ability based on the number of stages and the gauge of the filters (5 micron, .5 micron, e.g.). Pitcher types are least.

For best results, have your water tested and ask a professional to recommend the best water filters for home use given the condition of your water. This is something the water filter expert like Coway that can offer to you. The company is having lot of road shows every year in different area including Putrajaya. When there is a road show in there, you can go to pay a visit if you are living near the area.

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