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Know The Different Types of Events You Can Have

Generally speaking, if you can help a company to develop a creative and operational event plan, it will help to improve the company’s brand effectively. So what types of events can be done? Let’s take a look at it together.

What are the types of event management?

Marketing Event

The main purpose of this type of event is to promote the sale of products and to promote the brand at the same time. The key to planning this type of event is to turn the event into a magnetic field that attracts the attention of all customers.

Through an attractive marketing event, it can greatly evoke customer enthusiasm for the company’s products and brands, which end up will stimulate their desire to buy the company’s products.

Promotional Event

This type of event is different from the marketing event in terms of the focus point. The main focal point of this event is to promote the brand of the product. Earning is only the second goal in this event.

This type of event tends to pay more attention to the excavation of the image connotation and strives to pass on the most positive part of the product. Common forms of promotion techniques being used in this event are including making attractive posters, newspaper advertisements, give away free gifts, and etc. Common activities involved in this event include the opening ceremony and a lucky draw.

Entertainment Event

Most of these events are directed or arranged. They will not be highly profitable, nor will they be highly publicized. They will have a strong purpose, perhaps in response to a call.

It may be held simply to strengthen the feelings between the participants. Such activities generally do not need to be planned too large. Most of the organizers and participants are schools and students. The forms generally include dancing, singing, reading, and playing games.

Hybrid Type Event

This kind of event may mix together the characteristics of marketing and promotional. It may also add some entertainment while marketing and communicating.

These events usually will set some conditions for participation. Only those customers who meet the conditions can participate in the event. Then, in the event, it will add some feel-good elements to the participants. At the same time, the company will also use some techniques to promote the brand.

It can be said that the current business is facing very fierce competition in terms of operation. As this competition intensifies, more and more companies are paying more attention to hold an event.

As of now, most people will choose the hybrid types of events which is the most economical as they can do the marketing, promoting, establishing their brand recognition, and entertaining customers at the same time.

The Most Common Types of Corporate Events


A company may make a conference to gather targeted audiences in one place. The company can provide audiences with relevant company information, implement solutions, or sharing ideas with them.


Seminars tend to be shorter events. A seminar is held mostly with the purpose of attendants to learn about a topic.


A meeting is an event that gathers relevant people to discuss on certain agenda. It must have the purpose of getting something done or achieving some objective.

Team Building Events

The purposes of having team building events are to boost team performance and motivating team spirit. Through team-building, it can increase a company’s employee engagement and retention.

Business Dinner

Most companies will have business dinners and the end of the year. This type of event is used to conclude fiscal years and appreciation of the hard work of employees. It can be used to celebrate the company’s new milestones as well.

Press Conferences

A press conference is generally a warm-up before an event. It will involve inviting relevant politicians and media from all walks of life to expand the influence of the event. So this will create awareness of the public and they will actively participate in the event when it is held on the event day.

Incentive Travel

Incentive travel is business-related travel. It is with the purpose to provide incentives or motivation to help business people to increase sales.

By having incentive travel, it can encourage businesspeople to think about what they need to do so that they can achieve their target.

Opening Ceremonies

An open ceremony is a social event with the purpose to introduce the community to a new business. When organizing an open ceremony, you need to have a planned agenda and entertainment.

Product Launches

Product launch events are required for all companies. When a company has produced a new product, they will need to make use of a product launch event to let the world know about their new product.

Trade Show

Trade shows represent great opportunities for promoting your business. In a trade show, a visual display allows us to capture the attention of the customers and transfer a big amount of information in a short amount of time.

Road Show

A road show is a show that goes on the road. It carries the purpose to promote your company brands or products. You may choose the venue, entertainment, and attractions that you want to show in the event.

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A traditional exhibition is a large-scale event that uses a variety of media and means to promote products, corporate image and establish good public relations.

Through the exhibition, you can gather the information from your peers. You can grasp the development trend of the competitors.


Exposition is similar to an exhibition. But the scale is larger than the exhibition. Most of the expo held tend to be for international trade.

Some businesses would love to join exposition instead of the exhibition due to the size and publicity of an event.

Shareholder Meetings

It is a special time and gathering of the board of directors, company officers, and shareholders A shareholder meeting for listed companies are generally held once a year. So, it is an annual event held at a selected venue.

Award Ceremonies

Awarding Ceremony event is a kind of reward method for enterprises to give to excellent employees who are having outstanding performance in that particular year.

Through the ceremony, it can encourage the award-winning employees to get even more motivated and they will work even harder. It is one of the events that many companies are having every year.

What is a special event?

A special event is an event that is rarely held and is in contrast to the conventional events. Some events may even require organizers to get a permit from the local city council if they want roadway closure.

What are the examples of special events?

Some examples of special events are a parade, regional expositions, festive celebration, cocktail reception, Gala Auction, chamber of commerce functions, business association gatherings and many more.

What is a private event?

A private event is an event being held for the purpose of celebrating something. Normally only family members, close relatives, and friends are getting invited.

The private events are including weddings, newly born full-moon, birthdays, wedding anniversaries or other family events.

What is a major or a mega-event?

People tend to define major events as some world’s events that happened in this earth in recent history. The events normally are having a certain impact on the life of all human being.

But the major event that we talk about here is about some event that many people will pay attention to. The event is like the Annual Super Bowl in the USA or the Independence Day parade in Malaysia.

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