We are using road shows as a means to get our company off the ground. We needed to find a way where we were able to get a lot of potential customers into our area so we could tell them about our business and turn them into clients. The road show circuit was the best way that we figured out to do this. This is why we ended up spending the money to get the best event booth that we could afford.

There are so many different kinds of people who attend our Coway road show kiosk at Giant, Sri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia. There are visitors who take time to head into event booths and talk to the people who are staffing them. It is so important in this type of business market to connect with potential customers, and that is probably the very best reason why the event booth is such a great idea.

There is an unlimited amount of people who come through an exhibition booth, and we wanted to capitalize on that aspect of these events. So it made perfect sense that we would spend the money on the front side to get a great event booth and ensure that we were able to get the attention and visibility that we could really use.

The high class and high quality event booth was a perfect choice, because it drew so many people to our space, we were able to turn several days worth of a steady stream of people into potential clients and customers. But on top of that, we were also able to get information for several people who would be perfect resources for our business.

Not only do we want to hit it hard in this new market, but we also wanted to grow a great data base of people who we would be able to hire as we grew. Once all of these potential customers become actual customers, we are going to be growing at a very fast rate, and we will need to have great employees that are backing up that growth.

And those types of people are the ones who come to the trade shows that we have bee attending with our really effective and successful new event booth. This is why we are handing out business cards and also collecting resumes. Because as this event booth brings us a higher volume of customers, we will need a higher number of great resources who work well for us. And those who come into our event booth are the type of people that we would love to also hire some where along the way. Because if someone is interested enough to come in and visit our booth, they are most likely to be great employees as well. In the end, the money that we spend on the event booth and on the trade show fees is going to translate into a bigger and greater business for us, which is why we really value the opportunity of the trade shows and we appreciate the time we spend in them.