Road show booths have to be eye catching

Have you ever been to an auto show? Chances are you answered “yes” to that question as the annual auto show is typically the biggest draw for the convention center. We all own cars and look forward to the latest incarnation of the models we drive and the ones we wish we could afford. It’s our one opportunity as adults to wander around in amazement at the technology advances the auto industry has experienced in the previous year. We are drawn to exhibits that first off have the kinds of cars we are interested in but additionally people tend to be drawn towards big, bold designs and innovative concepts. Subconsciously we think that if the company can create something this visually stunning and engrossing then the cars they make must reflect that as well. It’s this concept that has driven me to contact Just Unique to design our company booth for the upcoming trade show exhibit.

First I should give a bit of background as to what my company does, our vision and how we typically represent ourselves when in public or at road shows. We are a renown water filter company with hardware and accessories to help all households to get clean water to consume. With the assistance of Just Unique to design our kiosk at Tesco Manjalara, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, we have shift dramatically and the way we do business will never be the same again.

This Coway road show is our chance to showcase our new products and to demonstrate how well it works in remote areas. We hope to draw attention away from the other event booths by placing our screens inside a visual world all to it’s own.

We chose to work with Just Unique because they were adamant in their expression of being innovative, creative and professional in representing our company. Since we were born of innovation and pride ourselves on always being at the forefront of our industry it seemed like a logical fit. They claim to be driven to impress and that is exactly our goal at this convention, to introduce our company and product to the world and to do so in the most impressive way possible. I liked that this company shared the same vision for how a road show kiosk should function. They believe that the product and the company should be accessible and visible at all times. You want to remain pure but still add enough bells and whistles to keep people interested and to draw them away from other booths.