Making Trade Shows More Interesting For The Visitors

There has never been any problem drawing in other member of the same industry to a trade show when there is a common group between businesses but it is not always as easy with general visitors. The road show that Coway held in Tesco Plentong, Johor, has more than 90 companies showed off what new products they were going to launch this year. While the event was an internal success, with a lot of business being done between security suppliers and smaller companies, the event failed to draw in the large crowds of curious people. The general public represents a large part of what draws in so many companies. The smaller businesses at the trade shows rely on the general public to attend, so they can make sales which in turn curb the costs of the trade show. After the event closed, the trade show committee called a meeting to discuss how they could bring up their number for the next show.

The first thing which they agreed to change was the lunch area. During the security trade show there had only been a few food stations which were stuck in between trade show booths here and there. It became evident that during the lunch hour, large groups of people had left to find better food options and had never returned. It was decided that there would be a section of the event area which would be designated for food services only. The group also made the decision to invite some guest chefs in from surrounding restraints to promote the food being served. It was clear that having food at the trade show would help bring people in from the outside and keep people from wandering off to get food halfway through the event day.

Next on the list were the lackluster trade show displays which seemed more suited for a police training seminar rather than an event center expo. The Coway group voted to hire Just Unique to help them create exciting new themes for the show. They knew that if the next event was going to bring in people off the street, it would have to have signs which really caught the general public’s attention. They would also solicit us to help them make the inside of the event center look more alive and less dull, so that people inside felt like they were doing something that was worth their time. Everyone on the board was confident that with a more attractive event space, the numbers were certain to go up.

The last thing on the list was also perhaps the most simple. The group designated a small amount of their funds to be spent in advertising in the local paper, as well as a few national, industry related magazines and if there was any money left in the pot afterwards, to run a small radio campaign. Making sure that people knew about the event was going to make a big difference in the results.