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What Are Retractable Banner Stands?

Retractable banner stands are also known as roll up banner stands. It is related to a banner that can be stretched and adjusted in its length and put on the stand in an event or exhibition.

It can retract into a base with the implementation of the tensioner (mechanical spring) to roll the graphic banner on a roller when it is in the storage position. When stretching the graphic is in open position, the greatest amount of tension is applied.

The component of a retractable banner stand generally includes of banner, banner rail, retractable base with feet, tape leader, kit assembly, shock-corded pole, and a carry case to store the banner stand.

Fixed Size Banners

Banners are often places at event venues, shopping malls, exhibitions, and various office units for display, advertising, slogans, etc.

The length of the existing banner is fixed. The number of characters and patterns on the banner will vary depending on the occasion and the need so that the fixed-length banner surface is difficult to meet different needs.

Because the existing banner cannot be applied to different occasions, it cannot be reused. After using it once, it will be discarded. Because of this, it will waste resources and pollute the environment.

Since most of the banners are only used once and will get discarded, the texture of the banner is mostly poor, and the color is also dulled. The display is quite monotonous and lack of beauty.

Different Sizes Available for Retractable Banners

For retractable banners, there are many different sizes that you can choose from. And the design can be very colorful. Besides, you can also have a high-resolution full-color graphic set with it.

What size/s are retractable banners?

There are many different sizes of retractable banner stands that you can have. Let’s take a look at what’s the width and height that you can get.

Graphic Width Size

Generally, the widths of this type of banner can range from 23.5” to 60”; whilst the common types that are widely used in most events are having the width between 32” to 36”.

Graphic Height Size

The common type of banner generally use in most of the events are having the length of 70”. Some may extend vertically to 84”.

If you want a banner that is not of the standard size, there are many banner design companies can customize according to your desired size as well.

Major Components


Most of the bases are built with aluminum alloy or plastic steel. It is best for you to get a heavier base if you want to let it stand steadily in an event.

Graphic Materials

The are 4 main options that you can have.

1. PVC or Vinyl

Most of the banners that are created with vinyl material are printed digitally. Vinyl has the lightweight feature and so it can stay compact when you rolled up the banner to keep inside the cartridge.

2. Dye Sublimated Fabric

One of the best quality graphics that you can have is with the use of cloth fabric material that is printed with the use of the dye sublimation printing method.

It uses dye technology instead of ink to print the graphic. The output of the graphic tend to be more compact and the color can really outstanding.

3. Plasticized Paper

Plasticized paper material is tough for its feature and is water-resistant. However, it is only ideal for you to use in the short term period as its material is not durable.

4. Glossy Polypropylene

This is a glossy material that can print nicely, but at the same time, it is a flimsier material that only suitable to be used for short term advertising.

The polypropylene film is having a high level of water resistance, so it is ideal to be placed outdoor in an event.

The smooth, white surface of Polypropylene material is featured with a smooth and white surface which is ideal for banner graphics that required vivid colors and high-resolution photos.

Where are retractable banners useful?

These types of banners have become very popular now and they are widely used in many different events. Those events that using the banner are including a trade show, road show, fairs, concert, fundraising, charity events, conferences, presentations, product launches, and many more.

Why do people love to use retractable banner stands?

More and more people are looking for this type of banner stand when they are having an event whether is for a trade show or product launching. This is the most sought-after banner for them because there are many benefits lie in this product. Among the benefits that they can have are including:

Economic, practical and green:

This type of display stand can be matched with different graphics materials according to the requirements of customers. The cost is much lower than that of other materials such as wood, iron, and plastic.

It is in line with the requirements of international environmental protection organizations. It is a green product, and the discarded holder can be reused by recycling the slurry.

Beautiful appearance and eye-catching:

The appearance of the retractable banner stand can be printed in color, which is an excellent advertising carrier. It’s novel patterns, brilliant colors, and unique ideas meet the aesthetic views of consumers and can attract customers’ attention easily.

Advertising and attracting visitors:

The retractable banner stand has the reputation of “silent salesman” and “most faithful salesman”. Through visual art, it intuitively conveys information to consumers and creates a strong sales atmosphere, which makes a strong purchase desire for visitors. Its propaganda can help to create a corporate brand, improve the corporate image, and generate higher sales.

Lightweight, flexible and structurally stable:

Retractable banner stands are generally lightweight, foldable and durable. Different graphics materials can also be selected according to the requirements of customers.

Easy assembly and convenient transportation:

The retractable banner stand is easy and quick to assemble and disassemble. It can also be stacked. The supplier can directly transport the banner stands from the production to the event venue and unpack it on the spot. This can help to save the shipping costs and the banner can be used repeatedly.

What’s good about Retractable Banner Stand?

The assembly is very simple and easy. There is no tool needed for you to set it up. When time is a valuable component, the quick display settings allow you to focus on other factors in the presentation. Full-color banners are printed on high-quality large format digital printers with high output – Resolution image. They are going to “wow” the visitors in your event.

Your customers or trade show attendees shouldn’t be bothered by expensive display items for an event. Those display items may be difficult to transport which will be very inconvenient and can cause a lot of issues.

With the use of a retractable banner stand, it can be ideal in solving the transportation issue as it is lightweight and portable. You can carry it to display in an exhibition or trade show.

This type of visual display device is easy to use. The banner stand can be assembled in just a few minutes. Your banner graphic is safely stored in an anodized aluminum casing when it is not in use.

A reliable retractable display design makes the banner stand not only easy to set up and disassemble, but also the setup process will take only a few minutes!

Some banner stands are having retractable mechanisms that allow the graphic to be simply pulled up from the bottom for you to display the high-quality printed banner with your company information to the visitors.
The banner can be stored in a self-contained and compact retractable base.

It is very suitable to be used for trade shows, business meetings, sales presentations, non-profit fundraisers or school events.


The stylish retractable banner stand is a cheap means of professional display of exhibitions. Banners, retractable base, and carry bag are everything you need to produce a professional display space.

You can get them with a very affordable price. Even if you are having a limited budget, it doesn’t mean you will have a less-than-excellent display banner.

You can still have a great roll up banner stand with high-quality display as long as you can get the honest banner company to create the banner for you.

What should I do after I pull it up and it tilts to a side?

Please check if the pole is properly inserted into the bottom of the foot. There should be no gap. If there is a gap, please turn it slightly and press down.

You also need to pay attention to the airflow from the air outlet or the fan because there are many places that have obvious air conditioning airflow that will affect the stability of the banner stand.

If the banner is still slanted even you have to make sure that the pole is already inserted properly, then you can try to adjust the pole with a little force. The easy-bending characteristics of the aluminum alloy can properly press the foot forward or backward.

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