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Do you know what ARCHIDEX is all about? Do you ever hear of the name? Do you know what kind of business they are engaging in?

Well, if you never heard of it, it is actually a new digital experience in the business building across borders with immersive and virtual engagements with the architecture, interior design, and building industry.

It is also a dynamic industry business event in a hybrid platform that connects you with the largest community of Malaysian and global architecture.

ARCHIDEX is Southeast Asia’s most successful annual industry trade event. It managed to connect industry professionals with world-class architects, influential speakers, and exhibitors to gain insight into current developments since its inception in 2000.

All I can say is ARCHIDEX is an important event for architectural industry captains and professionals, serving as a platform for them to construct and build stronger businesses in the new era industry.

The terms of ARCHIDEX stand for Architecture, Interior Design & Building Exhibition.

As of now, ARCHIDEX has evolved to become Asia’s Leading Architecture Business Event jointly organised by PAM (Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia or Malaysian Institute of Architects) and C.I.S.

So, what are PAM and C.I.S all about?


PAM was originally established as the Institute of Architects Malaya (IAM) in 1920. PAM was registered with the Registrar of Societies Malaysia on 20 January 1967 under the present constitution.

PAM is the governing body for engineers. It appoints arbitrators when the contract used by the parties is a PAM standard term contract. In addition to arbitration, it administers other forms of ADR.

The PAM President is Ar Sarly Adre bin Sarkum. Ar. Sarly Adre Sarkum is an architecture futurist, sustainability proponent, and design activist. Currently, he helms the hybrid architectural design firm SA or Sarly Adre Sarkum Architecture Sdn. Bhd.

He is the Immediate Past President of the Malaysia Green Building Confederation which is Malaysia’s Green Building Council under the auspices of the World Green Building Council. He is also currently an elected council member of Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (The Malaysian Institute of Architects)

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C.I.S was established in 1994 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The institution charted steady growth as a leading trade and lifestyle exhibition organiser in the BE-Business Events industry which is known as MICE(Meeting, Incentive, Conference Exhibition).

The acronym of C.I.S stems from Concept, Innovative, and Strategy, which are the three elements that the company business is built upon.

C.I.S President is Dato’ Vincent Lim. Dato’ Vincent Lim is an esteemed organiser for many reputable home-grown trade and lifestyle exhibitions.

One point that Vincent Lim always emphasizes is that for businesses to thrive, the way to go forward was to fully dive deep into the digital sphere and this was an optimum time to do it.

Led by a dedicated and experienced team, C.I.S has earned a reputation for producing appealing concepts and introducing strategic platforms and partnerships towards one objective to build the industry and stakeholders that relates to our exhibitions and business platform.


ARCHIDEX Can Help to make Your Event a Success

You can always seek assistance from ARCHIDEX to help you with the best exhibits. They will confer with you and determine the most appropriate course of action. They will look at your marketing goals and then they can help you choose from a number of custom exhibits. These can be double-deck exhibits or multilevel exhibits.

Companies need a vast range and type of exhibits, and the way those exhibits present their products is of equal importance. It’s a maxim in business that form follows function, and trade show visitors need to see both an effective exhibit and the effective message it conveys.

During exhibition seasons, many companies are preparing custom exhibits. First, you must decide how much customizing you need, whether a low-level setup or something elaborate in order to compete on the world stage. What you choose will depend largely on the venue.

In a small show, you’ll get by with simple exhibits. If planning to attend a major show, you’ll need the highest quality exhibits in order to compete. Go to a professional company to help with the best exhibits, which can be double-deck exhibits or multilevel exhibits. The correct builder will get the message of your exhibit conveyed to exhibition visitors.

What is exhibited in ARCHIDEX?

In ARCHIDEX there are appointments with national and international exhibitors on Home decoration, Office design, Architecture, Home Design, Construction technologies, and Construction, as well as other trade shows in Construction.

The multiple award-winning exhibitions have hosted over 500,000 industry professionals, specifiers, and trade buyers over its 21-year history and, are an integral date in the annual industry calendar where it draws exhibitors and delegates worldwide.

Living up to its focus of Building Beyond Tomorrow, ARCHIDEX has evolved from its thriving physical platform to an exciting and engaging hybrid online channel that further connects with a huge global community of professionals.

With ARCHIDEX Online, the exhibition continues to showcase innovative materials, solutions, and technologies to create opportunities for worldwide engagements and growth for the architecture and building industry through an immersive, virtual platform.

To overcome travel restrictions, businesses should adopt new approaches to promoting their products and services. This is why Matrade and C.I.S continue to collaborate on the International Sourcing Programme, in conjunction with ARCHIDEX, which enables Malaysian sellers to be matched with potential foreign buyers on a virtual platform.

As architects, engineers, and builders of future societies, ARCHIDEX has the responsibility to reshape the world today toward better sustainability for the next generations. Sustainability can be achieved by adopting clean energy generation of Solar PV, clean Battery Energy Storage Solutions, and EV Charging for cleaner mobility in building seamless clean energy solutions.

ARCHIDEX is delighted to work together with all parties in pushing the technologies envelopes in green energy and green mobility.

ARCHIDEX always extends a warm welcome to every member of the architecture, interior design, and building community to gather at ARCHIDEX. ARCHIDEX is a place where all the participants can facilitate the exchange of ideas, inspire one another, encourage each other, expand their circles, and reunite with friends.

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