Requirements For A Fresh Fruit Juice Retail Kiosk


Food Trailers, Mobile Food Trucks, and fresh juicy retail kiosks are immensely popular. People love street food and fresh fruit juice! However, many operators fold after a few weeks because they did not spend enough time and effort on research and planning. This page presents a list of requirements for juicy retail businesses of any kind, so you can evaluate better if this is really a viable business option for you.

Choosing The Right Venue For your Juicy Retail Business

Roaming the streets or permanent location?
If you prefer true mobility, you’re probably better off with a catering truck. That way you can take your business to sports events, fairs, festivals, or any places with lots of hungry and thirsty people. Plan and design your juice kiosk that are appealing to your customers would make an immediate success for you.

If you’d rather stay stationary and build your mobile fresh juice business from one great location – a juice trailer may be the best bet for you. An experience exhibition organiser may be the right choice for you to choose from. You can save a lot of initial investment money by opting for the right roadshow and exhibition organiser to plan and design for your kiosk.

What Is The Required Equipment For A Fresh Fruit Juice Kiosk?

Similar to a restaurant kitchen – you will need…

– Surfaces that can be easily cleaned and sanitized
– A triple sink and a hand-wash sink
– Refrigeration to keep fruit below 41 degrees
– Equipment to hold hot foods at 135 degrees or higher
– A pressurized water system with hot water heater
– A gray water tank exceeding the fresh water capacity by 15%
– Thermometers for checking on the food temperatures

Know your market, your product, and your competition!

Find out what people in the neighborhood of your proposed location like to drink fruit juice. Ask pedestrians, office managers (for potential catering gigs), store owners, etc. Are they excited about your upcoming fruit juice offerings? Demographic info can be very helpful!