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Sustainable Solution

Even though it is tough, we just willing to face the challenges and overcome them one by one. We are growing through the learning curve and becoming stronger everyday.

Just Unique’s Story

The journey towards sustainable events is difficult than it needs especially with our limited resources, knowledge and the Market readiness. it was indeed an uphill task since inception, even with a budgeted financial allocation.

Those “trial & Error” along our way through diligent research and learning build up our confidence hence it spark a decision that there must be a better way to make it easier and inspire a push for a more sustainable industry. Thus the birth to embark on Circular Economy initiatives for Sustainable Event Experience.


We’ve sourced through the available supply chain, looked for sustainable collaboration and found practical ideas from all the industries to formulate a Complete Sustainable Event Solutions for Companies that are keen to go Sustainability. We want to assist Companies that are planning to embrace sustainability as a way of thinking and ideally, vis circular economy initiatives.

Sustainable Event Experience thru’ Circular Economy initiatives was birth with passion for the environment at large especially for the events industry. It is one of our core values. Our goal is to see the event industry beautifully balances profit and purpose. We have yet to offer an excellent solution but everyone should just make a start which I believe is the most challenging decision.


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