Differences in Canopies

Being outdoor with family and friends is something we all cherish. Canopy tents can provide shelter from the weather such as rain, windstorms, etc.. Canopy tents can resolve your outdoor elements.

Some of you may want to know what the difference is between a canopy, party tent, carport or portable garage. The basic structure of canopy frames are the same, however a canopy usually comes complete with the frame, ties, and tarp cover for the roof. A Universal canopy will have the option to purchase a sidewall kit. A portable garage will come with the same as a canopy but will come with additonal panels for the sides, front and back. Party tents are perfect for graduations, weddings, or any social gathering. Party tents usually are fire retardant and come in bright colors.

If you are planning on purchasing a canopy, please follow these tips before buying.

1. Make sure you choose the right canopy for the proper usage.

2. If you plan on taking your canopy up and down, a polyethylene fabric is much lighter than canvas.

3. Look for a King Universal canopy with optional side walls.

4. Be sure the size of your canopy will fit in your allotted space. If you have the room, your canopy generally will not be too big.

So when shopping for a canopy, especially, if you plan on getting a lot of use out of your canopy tent, pay attention to the quality and design and you will be a satisfied customer.

The Many Benefits of Enclosed Canopies

Don’t you just find it difficult to host parties every now and then especially if you don’t have a big house to accommodate all your guests? Is your garage no longer big enough to house your car, garden tools, and other equipment? If yes then now is the time that you consider getting enclosed canopies.

More and more homeowners like you have realized just how practical and useful it is to have an enclosed canopy. Here are some of its benefits:

• Durable
Many people are doubtful about buying enclosed canopies because they have this misconception that they won’t last for a long time. This is not true. There are many companies like NorthStarCanopy.com that manufacture enclosed canopies from very strong materials like polyethylene fabric and stainless steel. These materials are weather resistant and they won’t deteriorate easily.

• Spacious
Enclosed canopies are very spacious as well. They come in various sizes and frames. You can find one that can accommodate hundreds of guests while there are also smaller ones designed for the whole family. You can hold your parties in enclosed canopies and never have to worry about your guests’ comfort and convenience. They’re big enough to dance and dine in.

• Multi-use
The beauty of enclosed canopies is the fact that they serve many purposes. You can use them as a garage, shed for your garden tools and other equipment, nursery and as a venue for your parties.

• Affordable
Enclosed canopies are also very affordable. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth since they are of quality materials and very useful as well. You can also buy some canopy accessories for your enclosed canopy to ensure its durability.

With enclosed canopies you never have to worry about the lack of space in your home. Buy one today and experience the many benefits these canopies offer.

How to Find the Best Garden Canopies

Garden canopies are becoming quite a trend especially among plant enthusiasts. They can make every garden more attractive and they also serve many purposes. If you’re looking for garden canopies to add to your home, you should know how to choose the right ones that will meet your needs.

Garden canopies come in various sizes, materials, and styles. They also vary in prices. For someone who’s still new to these kinds of canopies, here’s how to help you find the best garden canopy for your home:

• Know your options
Just because you happen to like your neighbor’s garden canopy doesn’t mean you should also get the same canopy yourself. The fact is your neighbor’s garden is different from yours. Instead of buying the same canopy as what you see in others, why not know your options first? Check out stores in your area as well as those online. You’ll be surprised to find so many kinds of garden canopies out there.

• Identify your need
Why exactly are you buying a garden canopy? Do you intend to keep your plants inside or you just want some shade in your garden? Garden canopies come in various sizes and styles. Once you have identified your purpose for getting a garden canopy you’ll find it easier to choose the best one that suits your needs.

• Set your budget
The prices of garden canopies depend largely on their size, design, and materials used. Try asking yourself how much you’re willing to spend on your garden canopy. If you’re on a tight budget, look for one that’s affordable and yet made of durable materials.

Garden canopies can be used as a picnic area in your garden. They can also serve as nurseries or a greenhouse. Bear in mind the tips mentioned above and you won’t go wrong in buying your very own garden canopy.

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