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When Feedback is Important: Event Surveys

When you’re hosting an event, seminar, or training for your company, how do you know it’s a success? If you’re presenting material and teaching or focusing on the timing of dinner, guest speakers, and group activities, it’s easy for you to get caught up in the planning and execution.

Things That You May Ignore

You may tend to ignore the most important questions–What did all of this planning and hard work accomplish? How well did we reach our goals? How happy and engaged were the participants? What did we do well? What could we have done better and improved upon next time?

Thus, it is important for you to find a reputable event planner to help you to organize the right strategy and goal setting meetings prior to your event.

Ge the Expert To Help You Out

Let the event expert help you as they will listen to your needs–the structure of the event, the content to be presented, the environment, and the participants, just to name a few.

An event organizer will help you design an entire process, much like using a step-by-step outline you used when writing a paper in college, to organize and plan the flow of your event, team outing, or educational seminar.

But, because the event planner understands the importance of feedback and is dedicated to assisting you to constantly grow and anticipate the needs of your clients, they can provide you with surveys for your guests AFTER the event.

By doing so, you can see the areas that need improvement for the future, and areas where you “knocked the ball out of the park”, as they say. Surveys give your attendees:

  • A comfortable, secure and (where possible) anonymous voice to express their level of satisfaction.
  • A valuable learning opportunity for you to continue to grow as an individual and as a team.
  • An opportunity for the participant–or student, to become the instructor–or teacher and share their thoughts, advice, and wisdom.
  • An opportunity for guests to share their ideas for topics, seminars, and questions to be covered at a later date.
  • A way to survey the demographic, and attendance records for future events and seminars.
  • An opportunity to add potential clients and future participants to your contact mailing list.

Lastly, some event planners may offer a post-event follow up session where they receive your feedback on the overall effectiveness of the event–everything from before, during, and after, based on the goals and needs outlined at the first planning meeting.

They will value your feedback and encourage you to share any guest survey feedback with them. This will assist them in helping you in planning for your future meetings and events that are as closely tailored to your needs and the needs of your guests as possible.

Feedback and Follow-up are Important

Feedback and follow-up are crucial for communication, improvement, and ensuring satisfaction. By having the right event planner to help you to carry out the task, you can have them to put this into action with each event.

This is to ensure that ALL your events–now and in the future–are engaging, educational, worry-free and above all–a success.

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