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Kawasaki Gas Turbine Asia – 10th Anniversary @ Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur

Kawasaki Gas Turbine Asia Sdn Bhd (KGA) celebrating 10th Anniversary on Dec 3, 2016 at Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur managed by Just Unique.

It is one of the Malaysian Fairs and Exhibitions that you shouldn’t miss.

Kawasaki Gas Turbine Asia (KGTA) is an exhibition organised by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, a leading manufacturer of gas turbines.

Typically, at industry exhibitions like KGTA, you can expect to see a range of gas turbine technologies and related products showcased by Kawasaki Heavy Industries. These exhibitions often serve as platforms for companies to present their latest innovations, advancements, and solutions in the field of gas turbines.

Visitors to the exhibition can typically expect to:


    1. Explore displays and demonstrations: Exhibitions like KGTA provide an opportunity to explore the latest gas turbine models, components, and technologies developed by Kawasaki Heavy Industries. The exhibits may include gas turbine engines, control systems, monitoring devices, and other related equipment.
    2. Engage with industry experts: Exhibitions often feature knowledgeable staff and engineers who can provide detailed information about the showcased products. Visitors can engage in discussions, ask questions, and gain insights from industry experts.
    3. Networking opportunities: Exhibitions bring together professionals, experts, and enthusiasts from the gas turbine industry. Attending KGTA can provide valuable networking opportunities, allowing participants to connect with peers, potential collaborators, and industry stakeholders.
    4. Industry presentations and seminars: Many exhibitions host presentations and seminars by industry leaders, researchers, and experts. These sessions may cover topics such as advancements in gas turbine technology, energy efficiency, environmental considerations, and other relevant subjects.
    5. Learn about industry trends: Exhibitions often highlight emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities in the gas turbine sector. By attending KGTA, participants can stay updated on the latest developments, market insights, and future directions of gas turbine technology.

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