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4 Tips for Planning a Music Trivia Fundraising Event

If you’re looking for an exciting fundraiser idea, a music trivia night could fit the bill. In places like Singapore and Malaysia, they’re most often called table quizzes or pub quizzes, and some statistics say that there are over 22,000 per week in the United Kingdom alone.

In the United States, there are thought to be only about 2,000 per week throughout the country, but that number seems set to grow as more people catch onto the trend.

Currently, America’s largest quiz organization is called Geeks Who Drink, and some competitions draw thousands of participants. While thinking about your own quiz related fundraiser, why not take a universally appealing topic like music, and start making plans now?

Iron Out the Basics

First, decide when to hold your trivia night. If possible, avoid having one too close to a holiday, and also aim to have it on the weekend. That way, most people can relax and get caught up in having fun without worrying about having to go to work the next day.

Also, consider whether your event will be only for adults, or open to all ages. Depending on the background of your attendees, you might have higher attendance numbers by making the event open to all, especially if you invite a lot of couples who have young children. However, if your event is adults only, you may end up making more money in the long run, particularly by selling alcohol.

Use the Internet as a Resource for Questions and Topics

At first, it might seem fun to write your own trivia questions and answers. However, unless you’re an excellent writer and researcher, not to mention, have a lot of time on your hands, you’re probably biting off more than you can chew. Even if you’re very knowledgeable about the world of music, it can often be harder to come up with the wrong answers to trick participants, than the right one.

Make things easier on yourself by turning to the Internet instead. There, you can find websites with pre-written questions and answers. Some options even have certain categories so you can focus on particular decades, genres, artists or themes.

Plan a Rough Schedule

Try to keep things moving at a good pace by aiming for the trivia night to last no longer than about three hours. People who have experience in both planning and attending trivia nights often say that this length of time is ideal because it’s long enough to help people get into the swing of things, but not too lengthy, where it might cause restlessness.

Choose a Host

Finally, select someone to fulfill the role of host or hostess. Not surprisingly, it’s best for this person to have tons of charisma, and also be able to keep a lighthearted attitude from start to finish. Often, it’s not necessary to get someone who has prior experience with an event of this type, as long as they’re up for the challenge, and can think on their feet.

Although a music trivia fundraiser event certainly requires a good amount of planning, it offers an enticing way to help people have fun and interact with each other, while also making money for a worthy cause. Try the tips above to get your next event off to a rousing start, even if you’ve never managed one before.

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