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Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Kiosk

In recent years, more and more public areas have installed with automated self-service kiosks. Those kiosks are having a human-computer interaction interface, and people can operate all functions with their fingers according to the device prompts.

The kiosks are being used in telecommunications, finance, government, transportation, medical, industrial and commercial, taxation and other industries.

Self-service kiosks are widely used in our daily lives, such as bank ATM machines, subway ticket machines, and self-service machines in supermarkets and stores.

The integration of technologies enables these devices to perform many different functions. For example, self-service kiosk allows users to enter utility billing accounts to perform online transactions, or to receive cash in exchange for merchandise.

Customized components such as coin-operated ports, ticket receivers, card readers and thermal printers enable self-service kiosks to meet the specific needs of users.

Doing Things With New Fashion Way

With technology on the climb and machines replacing people, doing things “the old-fashioned way” can sometimes make or break the success of your business. Customers expect to get things quicker, easier, and cheaper; and companies are obeying.

Don’t fall behind with what is considered outdated methods of business; install a kiosk in your company to give your customers something special—and current—to use.

1. Let People Know What Your Business is Up To

Are you offering new services, products, programs, coupons, discounts, or something else that your customers need to know about? Save the manpower and don’t put the responsibility of educating all on the shoulders of your employees. Give customers and clients the chance to explore on their own.

A well-placed kiosk does something else, here: It gives people the option to learn. Nothing is worse than approaching a cashier or teller or another employee only to have them cram tons of new information down your throat, especially when you just don’t want to hear it!

With a kiosk, you can simply let people know that there is important information about X, Y, and Z that they might want to know about and point them in the direction of the source: your brand new kiosk.

You might even offer an incentive: Watch the informational video and receive a free coupon on your next purchase!

2. Keep Them Busy While They’re Waiting in Line

According to, the average American spends two to three years of his or her total lifetime waiting in line; that’s a long time! However, it’s sometimes largely unavoidable.

Thus, the next best thing businesses can do is keep customers occupied while they’re waiting; distraction is often the best method. Offer a kiosk that aims to entertain, possibly even more than educate.

Allow interactive programs, games, and activities that will accommodate males, females, and people of all ages. This will also help the parents out. They won’t feel the need to cut their trip to your business short since the kiddos will be occupied.

3. Help Them by Letting Them Help Themselves

Think of self-checkout units that you see at grocery stores as giant kiosks. People love self-service in this case because, according to Wikipedia, it drastically cuts back on the time they spend waiting in line. It also allows people to handle their own goods and their own business.

Even though someone will always be monitoring their use from somewhere, it gives people a sense of security not having a stranger handle their purchases and money.

Now, let’s talk about the advantage of self-service to your company. Here’s a big one: No one needs to run it! Self-checkouts often have one supervisor; you might not even need that.

For example, if you own a bank, you might provide an indoor kiosk where customers can make small deposits and withdrawals. Of course it’s good to have someone nearby to help; but for the most part, customers feel independent with a reassuring sense of privacy.

Kiosks are wonderful investments. They’re simple, easy, and allow people to deal with their own matters. We live in a fast-paced environment where relying on other people to do things for you—as opposed to technology—is slowly but surely being phased out. Show your customers that you care by giving them options when they walk through your front doors.

Benefits of Having Kiosks for Your Business

Today, almost everything around us is automated with the appearance of different kiosks. You can find kiosk for foods, beverages, photo printing, parking, and many more. In this case, it is difficult for the customer service industry to avoid automation.

In particular, when kiosk offers many advantages to businesses and customers, such as reducing customer wait times, reducing operating expenses and improving overall quality. Despite these advantages, many business owners are still reluctant to adopt automated kiosk service.

Therefore, deciding whether to choose e-self-service or traditional ways has confused many companies. To help the company solve this problem, the self-service terminal manufacturers here analyzed the advantages of automated customer service, which will enable them to determine the benefits of automation for their business.

Reduce Costs

One of the benefits you can have with automated interactive kiosk is that its cost will decrease over time. This is because unlike employees, companies don’t have to pay for machines all the time.

In addition, companies can also reduce recruitment costs by replacing workers. The self-service support system can also help the customer support team reduce the load because customers can solve the problem themselves rather than waiting in line to get in touch with the company.

This significantly reduces fares and costs because support agents do not have to answer similar questions over and over again. By choosing cloud technology, organizations can further reduce costs because it eliminates hardware purchase and maintenance costs.

Quick Checkout

The main benefit of automatic checkout and self-service is that it allows for an anxious customer to check out quickly. The service’s comprehensive payment system eliminates the need for long queues, especially during peak service hours and holidays, where the influx of shoppers has grown exponentially. That’s why most consumers today want to see more automated kiosks in the store.

Reduce the Operating Pressure on the Counter

According to the survey, the time required to complete a transaction in a self-service kiosk is only 1/10 of the manual operation on the counter. And this does not even include the customers’ waiting time at the counter.

By reducing the time, the customer will more than likely to come back and buy from the company again and again. Since it is convenient and they are having a more pleasant experience to deal with the kiosk that the company prepares for the customers.

Increase in Revenue

Companies can also improve their revenue streams through automation or self-service capabilities because it allows them to reduce the payment for employee salaries.

In addition, when faster-automated kiosks or support replace slow manual processes, existing customers of the enterprise can order products or services faster.

Besides, having an automated kiosk makes it easier for companies to attract new customers, and once the customer base increases, sales will naturally increase.

This, in turn, will bring more revenue and satisfied customers to the company, because nothing is more pleasing to consumers than fast service or response.

Enhance customer retention

Automation is not just a way to reduce costs and increase revenue. When a company wants to increase customer retention, it also proves to be very valuable.

Fast service makes it easier for customers to order products or services, which significantly increases their satisfaction. A satisfied consumer never feels the need to go to another company to buy a product or service anymore.

Traditional Kiosk vs Modern Auto Service Kiosk

Traditional Kiosk

  • Generally only selling products with low unit prices like food, drinks, and cigarettes.
  • Real products normally will be displayed.
  • Generally, are using cash for transactions. Most of which are coin-operated.
  • Information service is not available.

Auto Service Kiosk

  • Generally featured with large-size touch screen
  • Present information in pictures, texts, music, and videos.
  • You may not be able to see the actual product, but this type of kiosk can present more product information, such as explanations on how to use the product, purchase suggestions, and etc.
  • The kiosk can widely be used. It not only sells food and beverages, but companies can also use them to sell high-priced goods, like mobile phones, digital cameras, red wine, and even cars.
    • For example, a used car dealer in the United States launched a car kiosk. Customers can order cars online and then go to the dealership to exchange special coins and slot into the kiosk. The car placed on the transparent elevator will automatically be sent to the ground. The whole process is just like buying a bottle of soda with a vending machine.
  • You can pay by cash, credit card, smart card or with your identity card.
  • It has the ability to read document data and even face recognition.
  • Featured with the ability to interact with users.

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