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How to Attract Visitors with Creative Trade Show Booth Games?

Most of the people who are in the event management industry will have the experience that the exhibition plan tend to revise repeatedly for many times. And this is the rule rather than the exception in this industry.

I ever met an event planner, he is laughing at himself and said: “If I am not revising an exhibition plan, then most probably I am on the way having a meeting with clients on revising the exhibition plan.

It is still an unsolved mystery whether the final plan that revises for many times will actually improve the actual effect of the exhibition or not.

Generally, the major issues to be solved in an exhibition plan are the following:

  1. How to attract more visitors.
  2. Make visitors stick to the booth.
  3. Convert the visitors who come to the booth to become clients.

Keep The Visitors’ Interest

People will come and go in an exhibition, and how to attract their attention is the first thing that an exhibitor needs to make. Even the exhibitor managed to attract the visitors to go into the booth, the second problem for the exhibitor would be how to make the visitors stick inside.

People’s interest is short living and can change very fast. If they found there is nothing to stimulate their interest in a booth, they will leave the booth as fast as lightning and you are going to lost your potential clients.

To keep the visitors, you need to come out with some interaction with them. You can do some activities like playing little games, customer surveys, brand promotions, interactive activities, lucky draw, and etc. You need to make the event to be streamlined and easy to operate with a complete solution.

You can get a company that has a variety of interactive functions to help you with this. You can do some quiz and have the visitors to participate, or having an onstage event and select some visitors to go on stage and interact with them.

You can play some interactive games or doing a lucky draw to give something free to the visitors. All these activities will make your booth to be lively and it will get crowded with people.

Trade Show Booth Games Ideas

Today, many conference and exhibition venues will use the large electronic screen to interact with visitors instead of simply playing promotional video and product display.

This is mainly because the availability of large screens can do a lot of things. Secondly, the spread effect of large screens and the new interactive experience can attract a group of interested customers to participate. The atmosphere of the exhibition site is active and the customer experience is improved.

For the interactive large-screen system, it includes three functions: electronic sign-in, 3D interactive games, and sweepstakes or lucky draws.

Electronic sign-in

For the customers, after signing in, they can participate in a series of interactive games and lucky draws. For the exhibitors, after the customers sign in, they will leave personal information in the background, and accurate user information will help for follow-up promotion after the exhibition.

Some of the electronic sign-in walls can be featured with 3D graphics, countdown, the effect of the product logo display, and etc. The electronic sign-in wall can also be the countdown wall and the brand display wall. You can gain a lot of benefits by having this wall to be displayed at your booth.

3D interactive games

There are nearly 30 types of games to be included in the game, and more than 10 of them are of 3D games. After the user scans the QR code, you only need to shake the mobile phone or swipe the mobile phone to complete the game.

Playing these types of games will not get restricted by the venue, and you no need to prepare game props. It is a perfect combination of fashion and creativity.

It is especially ideal for the auto show on-site interactive activities. In an auto show, you can get the 3D car models and change it to become the real car models. This can creatively display the cars in front of all audiences.

Lucky Draw

Having a lucky draw is always a good idea for exhibitors to attract customers to enter their booths. The usual lucky draw requires registration, ticket making, lucky draw box preparation, and other cumbersome steps.

While for the modern lucky draw, with the use of apps, the lucky draw games can be completed with just a few clicks, and the winner’s information is automatically recorded. This is saving a lot of manpower and resources for the exhibitors.

There is a lot of luck draw apps that you can have such as shaking smartphone to win a prize, a Wheel of Fortune, a lucky draw box, a golden egg game, and many more.

So, what game can you prepare for visitors to play during the exhibition? Now you should have an answer. The solution described above is believed to be satisfactory for you.

It can greatly increase the activity of the conference and exhibition site and make the show to be even more interesting.

The simple and fun WeChat big-screen interactive software can pull the distance between guests and exhibitors very well, thereby achieving the purpose of holding a corporate conference and exhibition. Having the right interactive games in exhibitions can create a lot of fun and enjoyment. So, don’t forget to prepare some for your next exhibitions.

What are the interactive games at the auto show?

You can have a good interaction with the models at the auto show. It feels very interesting if visitors can have good participation in the auto show.

You can prepare the WeChat lucky draw by shaking your phone, and having all visitors shake their phones together!
You just can’t miss the interactive games at the auto show. And you can expect a variety of interactive games to emerge in an endless stream.

Most of the major exhibitors have tried their best to attract the attention of the audience and watch the new car with interactive games. So just prepare one for yourself if you want to get more visitors to stop at your booth.

Preparing a Photo Booth

To attract visitors to your booth by preparing a photo booth, you can provide a variety of props and accessories related to your industry, products, or event theme. Props could include hats, glasses, signs, or any other relevant items that visitors can use to add fun and creativity to their photos.

You also need to invest in a good-quality camera and other necessary equipment like lighting, tripod stands, and printers to ensure clear and professional-looking photos. High-resolution images will enhance the overall experience and encourage visitors to share their photos.

Then, have some friendly and enthusiastic booth attendants who can interact with visitors and encourage them to participate in the photo booth. Attendants should guide visitors on how to use the props and equipment, and make the experience enjoyable for them.

By doing so, you can create an attractive and interactive photo booth that draws visitors to your booth, increases engagement, and promotes your brand during the event.

What Other Games Can Be Played in an Exhibition?

There are many more games that you can prepare for visitors to play in an exhibition.

WeChat can let visitors participate in interactive games after scanning the QR code on the big screen. The games are including photo signature, AR red packet, AR somatosensory game, IPAD capture doll game, GIF animation continuous shooting, AR screen interaction, AR somatosensory photo, WeChat photo printer, etc.

You can now find a lot of apps that make some very fun interactive games, such as award-winning survey, prize-winning, wheel of fortune, tug-of-war, grab a red packet, etc.

This can improve the atmosphere of the exhibition very well and make the show to be even more interesting.

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