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How To Make Unique and Personalized Booth in Creative Way

The personalization of the booth design is mainly to showcase the culture and products of the exhibitors. For example, in the high-end exhibition, a smart furniture booth will have all the small details to be intelligent. This can make visitors to feel the novelty and naturally attracted by the product.

From small details to large frames, it demonstrates the professional high-tech expression space and displays technology of the company’s booth design.

The unique booth styling and decoration also highlight the company’s products. A company should not only focusing on booth design, but it also needs to make visitors truly attract to it. By doing so, it will lead the visitors to come into your booth and take the initiative to understand the company’s products.

Unlike public spaces and home décor, the construction and decoration of the booth need to be durable. There is no need to consider some of the functions that need to be added as the number of homes changes.

The main consideration for booth construction and decoration is whether it reflects the company’s personality and products. This also helps the booth staff to work and stay comfortable.

Creative ways to make unique and personalized booth architecture and decoration design?

Creativity is an important part when come to design and construct the booth. In some more conspicuous places, such as famous places with a lot of visitors, or where the stage is built, thicker materials should be used to strengthen to ensure the safety of the stage.

The booth is decorated with architectural decoration to achieve the integration of modeling, color, and crafts. All these combinations will form a complete exhibition of corporate booths. This will help to achieve the integration of creativity and corporate image.

Booth architecture and decoration is a special form of decoration that consists of sound, light, electricity, special materials and presets. It also contains knowledge and art in mechanics, architecture, and more.

The publicity of this personality involves the positioning of the concept, the assumption of space, the choice of materials, the singularity of architecture, the configuration of colors, the integration and unification of new and unique forms.

The booth construction and decoration plan should be based on complete functions, outstanding enterprise, and unique shape.

How to build and decorate the booth to achieve eye-catching styling and individualized design requires a real understanding of the psychological needs of the masses, behavioral habits, and booth design that reflects the stylish and colorful sense of technology.

Just like a concert, sound quality and music are very important, and this is an essential item in any event. Compared with the exhibition design, it refers to the design concept of the product.

Companies don’t spend a lot of time in promoting mediocre products. The lighting effects of the concert and the entire environment can make people more exciting and this can better meet the requirements of perception.

This corresponds to the space design when coming to the exhibition design. It is especially important to meet the requirements of visual perception and to make customers appreciate it.

Technical Aspects Of Booth Design

The design and construction of the professional booth is a hugely technical project, and the technical requirements are very high. If there is no technology, nothing can be done.

Therefore, do not underestimate the design and construction technology of professional booths.

Although the construction is not as large as the real estate development, it also requires a lot of energy, time and financial resources. Let’s take a look at what technologies are involved in professional booth design and construction.
What kind of technology is involved in a large number of engineering and professional booth design and construction?

Master Planning

The master planning technology is the basis and premise of the design and construction of the entire professional booth.

In the technical design process, it is necessary to plan in order to design good performance. First, there must be a reasonable design, and then there is a corresponding design.

Second, the planning of the drawing content is the guarantee of the quality of the design.

Measurement Technology

Professional booth design and construction is a huge project that cannot be completed by one person, instead, it requires a lot of people to cooperate and also needs to be measured.

Therefore, there is a certain demand for measurement technology. Construction needs to be planned and appropriate safety measures need to be taken to avoid loss of items.

Construction Phase

1. After the construction process is planned, then come to the construction phase. First of all, the budgetary expenses are accurately calculated, so that you can know how much your expenses are.

After all the materials are ready, start working by following the schedule, and complete the task on time and in good quality.

If problems occur during construction, they need to be corrected or modified in time to ensure the quality and safety of the construction.

Technology is particularly important in the design and construction of professional booths and is a cooperative relationship.

7 Ways To Improve The Floor Of The Booth

The floor is undoubtedly the largest and most important area of the booth. Not only because the floor defines the feel and atmosphere of the booth space, but also because the floor affects how the visitors interpret your company.

For example, some exhibition design companies will insist on using the substrate under the carpet – not only because it is more comfortable for the visitors to enter the booth, but also because it makes the booth staff feel more comfortable standing for a long hour.

Back to expectations, the floor of the booth is often neglected by most exhibitors. Many exhibitors also feel that it does not matter if the floor is laid with gray carpet. In fact, there are more choices than ordinary carpets that you can have.

Here are the 7 ways to improve the floor design of the booth.

1. Liquefied tile
This fun interactive tile turns your booth into a dazzling space. The surface of the liquid tile is made of a transparent high-hardness PVC layer. The inside of the tile is a colored liquid. When people walk on the tile, the tile will react to the pressure.

2. Floor Stickers
Floor stickers are a method of efficient use of space, and the cost is rather affordable. Imagine an unused canvas is lying under your feet and you will have a very great feel about it.

You can even consider hiring a professional design agency or even an artist to design unique pictures for the floor of the booth floor every time on a different exhibition.

3. Nylon turf
The use of carpets of different materials and textures in the booth can help to impress your visitors. You can consider using unique nylon turf to outlines a seating area in the booth.

4. High-tech interactive floor
Novel digital technologies are expanding the possibilities of exhibition design. By applying digital sensors and projectors, it is possible to create an interactive space in the booth, such as the sight of marine life swimming on the ocean floor, and the digital stadium that visitor can “kick” the ball.

5. Recyclable flooring
It takes time and money to assemble the floor of the exhibition booth. If you exhibit many times during the year, you definitely don’t want to buy a new floor every time.

Recyclable flooring may be able to meet your needs.

6. Luminous floor
The luminous floor may remind you of the nightclub, but the use of illuminated floors is indeed an effective way to ignite the atmosphere of the booth.

7. Glass floor display
Exhibitors are often used to showing products at high viewing angles so that more people can see them. But based on our experience, lower viewing angles are more likely to give viewers an overall impression.

There is a simple way to create a low-angle display cabinet, which is to use glass on the floor of the booth.

Exhibitors can display products, information, and even an LED screen under this glass surface!

How To Come Out With A Complete Booth Design?

A well-designed and well-constructed booth allow exhibitors to communicate with the visitors to the greatest extent possible and ultimately offers more possibilities in converting them into customers.

Purpose of the exhibition:

1. Product promotion: Having the plan to display new products. When setting up the booth, try to make new products like stars and reduce the appearance of other products.

2. Brand promotion: The booth design should be focused on the company name and logo. We must spare no effort to promote the brand with eye-catching fonts, impact colors or pictures, and highlight the company’s personality.

3. Find a dealer: In the conspicuous position of the booth, highlight the words “Looking for a dealer” to avoid the loss of the target customers due to the negligence of the previous design and planning.

Booth Design Method And Steps

1. Functional service
Before considering the design of the booth, it is necessary to clarify the functions that the booth needs to realize, which exhibits are displayed, how many visitors are expected to be attracted, whether it is necessary to set up a consultation desk, a demonstration area, a leisure area or an office area, and how much storage space is needed?

2. The design should conform to the company’s image
Booth design is a concrete manifestation of the company’s image, so you need to carefully consider the information you need to express. Exhibitors who need to decorate the booth need to pay special attention to the design of the pattern.

3. Avoid psychological barriers
The more open the booth, the more likely it is to attract visitors. Desktop design is often prone to psychological barriers and should be avoided.

4. Do not deliberately control the flow of people
Freedom of movement is one of the basic principles of excellent booth design. If you deliberately control the flow of people around the booth, it is likely to ignore the more important purpose of communication with customers.

5. Use dynamics exhibits to stimulate interest
Dynamic exhibits are more eye-catching than static exhibits. If the product or service itself is not capable of doing live demonstrations, try to create other forms of dynamic effects (lights, audio, and visual effects, or rotating signage and display stands) for the stand.

6. Increases visibility
High-profile booths can attract the attention of visitors from a distance. To increase the height of the booth is not necessarily to be very expensive. All design elements should be used to maximize the attraction of the booth.

7. Promote benefits rather than technical indicators
Exhibits should be displayed around the needs and problems of the solution, and the benefits brought by the products to the customers should not be submerged in the long technical expression.

If the product is the fastest, quietest, most durable or most economical on the market, you should say it directly. Specific technical data can be left as detailed in the product description.

The appearance of the booth was to improve the image of the exhibiting company, the concept is expressed, the functionality determined by the booth and the connotation of the exhibit itself.

In the exhibition, the booth can be said to be a business card of the company. The size, design, and appearance of the booth must be perfect and meet the competition standards so that the company can be in an invincible position in the exhibition.

Take Your Exhibition Design To The Next Level

There are a variety of technology exhibitions around the world – mainly in the US and Europe. Regardless of the size of your exhibition, some basic exhibition designs will help your brand stand out from the crowd and draw attention. Consider the following ideas for your next trade show design:

Use props in your tech show design

At the technology exhibition, props are a good way to attract the attention of the visitors. By integrating them into your trade show design, you can capture the people you are interested in and go beyond your customers.

For example, we can use an actuator to customize the camera, and every few minutes it will spit out a lifelike photo to attract people’s attention.

This bold design element is so popular that people really wait to see when the camera will spit out another photo.
These interesting elements can be cheap, such as blowing up rainbows, or more complex works of art. Consult with your account manager to see what works for you.

Choose unique lighting designs at your trade show

Do you know what is most striking at the technology show? The answer is unique lighting. As we mentioned before, the basic elements that attract attention are light, motion, and color.

Consider the unique lighting when integrating lighting into your exhibition design. This can help your brand stand out at trade shows just because of your lighting. Consider using lighting in your show and incorporating it into your booth design.

Add some interesting elements to your show design

You can consider using LED flooring as part of your trade show design to marvel at trade show attendees. The participants can cast their own logos and interesting images such as koi on the show, which will make the participants feel very happy.

By doing so, this can add a “wow” factor to your booth design, which your neighbors and competitors cannot compete with.

As a result, your booths were crowded with visitors all day, and they will want to explore the entire exhibition to see what additional unique elements you created in the trade show exhibition.

Consider different finished products designed for your trade show

It seems that more and more exhibition booth are using CAM walls, or wood structures. But what if you project some interesting artificial decorations on the video wall?

To attract the attention from the crowd in technology show, you can think of using it. This can make you stand out from your competitors.

The result of such a design is you have created a great impression on visitors and they will always remember your company. They attracted a lot of attention and therefore added a lead in their performances. Therefore, you shouldn’t be afraid to use interesting finishes to catch people’s attention.

Try To Add More Games In the Exhibition

Having visitors to play games in the exhibition has become more and more popular, and only a few pioneers have shown more interesting trade show booth design elements to more exhibitors.

By playing games, this can allows visitors to participate in products and services in a fun and unique way.

Incorporating this into your trade show design, there will be a group of people eager to try the game so that they can have a deeper dialogue with the trade show staff.

Regardless of the way you participate, the key is to grab people’s attention and catch them in a fleeting moment. This can be difficult when attendees see a lot of sight and sound at the show.

Therefore, you need to showcase your booth design differently and make it be appealing to people with subtle tips and tricks.

Two More Things That Need To Take Care Of


The construction time is a common problem. Today’s exhibitors are increasingly demanding on the construction of booths. And company tend to give very limited time for the construction, which often causes overtime and therefore increases the cost of construction.

You will need to consider this when doing a quotation so that the possible adding cost is taking care of.

Environmental Protection

In the construction of the booth, a large amount of waste and garbage will be generated, and how to treat the discarded garbage becomes a problem in the exhibition.

Most of this garbage is generated during the construction or dismantling of the booth. How to avoid or even reduce the garbage is a problem that every exhibitor needs to consider.

You will need to have a good arrangement on all these so that everything is being disposed of properly without doing any damage to the environment.

You can consult your exhibition design company’s partners to get more great ideas and truly offer “wow” factors in your next exhibition show.

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