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Trade Show Rental Tips

Trade show rental systems are as effective as their design, layout, and use. Here are some tips to help you get the maximum profit from your rented displays: Find out why you should consider a Custom Rental Trade Show Exhibit. Advantages of renting your custom booth. A rented display can ... Read More
March 22, 2020lhyeoh
trade show sign


Your trade show sign components must be carefully designed to bring your booth the targeted traffic you're looking for. The signage at your exhibit is one of the most important elements for getting the right customers to stop and take a closer look at your display. The exhibit hall at any ... Read More
March 7, 2020lhyeoh


Wholesale Jewelry Trade Shows At wholesale jewelry trade shows you can find reliable jewelry suppliers with excellent products if you know what to look for. Much of the jewelry is imported. That said, it’s important to know that the more sources your wholesale supplier have under his belt, the more likely it ... Read More
December 23, 2019lhyeoh
fundraising events


If you are organizing a charity or looking to raise funds, you may have been looking around for some non-profit fundraiser ideas to help you get the capital you need for your cause. You probably thought that fundraising ideas wouldn’t be a problem because most people are compassionate enough to ... Read More
October 14, 2019lhyeoh
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Essential Exhibition Stand Items

Since exhibition stand designs are focused on events, exhibitions and trade shows, you can guarantee there will be plenty of competition all wanting to be the best. Stands that have been created by exhibition contractors and exhibition designers are vibrant enough to attract the attention of your audience. Stands that have ... Read More
September 20, 2019lhyeoh
Coway road show


There are hundreds of thousands of booths in an exhibition. So how do you attract customers at the show? Letting it be your own business partner is something that exhibitors must pay attention to. Here are some of the important factors that you can use to attract customers to come to ... Read More
September 3, 2019lhyeoh
booth construction design


The personalization of the booth design is mainly to showcase the culture and products of the exhibitors. For example, in the high-end exhibition, a smart furniture booth will have all the small details to be intelligent. This can make visitors to feel the novelty and naturally attracted by the product. From ... Read More
August 16, 2019lhyeoh
In C Studio 1


In C Studio Sdn Bhd is established in 2010, the company is formerly known as CLY Way Enterprise. It is a renowned state of the art interior design company in Malaysia. We are proud to have a chance to work together with In C Studio. The experience that we gained ... Read More
April 10, 2019lhyeoh
wheel of fortune


Most of the people who are in the event management industry will have the experience that the exhibition plan tend to revise repeatedly for many times. And this is the rule rather than the exception in this industry. I ever met an event planner, he is laughing at himself and said: ... Read More
March 29, 2019lhyeoh
exhibition booth design


Exhibitors can usually entrust booth construction builders and companies, advertising agencies or interior decorators to design their booths when they need a booth to be built in an exhibition event. The design of the booth will depend on the size of the booths they rent, the flexibility of booth changes, the ... Read More
March 23, 2019lhyeoh