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In C Studio 1


In C Studio Sdn Bhd is established in 2010, the company is formerly known as CLY Way Enterprise. It is a renowned state of the art interior design company in Malaysia. We are proud to have a chance to work together with In C Studio. The experience that we gained ... Read More
April 10, 2019lhyeoh
wheel of fortune


Most of the people who are in the event management industry will have the experience that the exhibition plan tend to revise repeatedly for many times. And this is the rule rather than the exception in this industry. I ever met an event planner, he is laughing at himself and said: ... Read More
March 29, 2019lhyeoh
exhibition booth design


Exhibitors can usually entrust booth construction builders and companies, advertising agencies or interior decorators to design their booths when they need a booth to be built in an exhibition event. The design of the booth will depend on the size of the booths they rent, the flexibility of booth changes, the ... Read More
March 23, 2019lhyeoh
world expo


What is Exhibition mean? A traditional exhibition is a large-scale event that uses a variety of media and means to promote products, corporate image and establish good public relations. Its characteristics are: It is a complex, intuitive, visual, and vivid way of communication. It provides an opportunity for two-way direct communication with ... Read More
February 18, 2019lhyeoh
used trade show display


Used trade show displays can look as good as new ones - for a fraction of the cost. Here are some tips for refurbishing secondhand exhibits or extending the life of your current ones: Use a lint brush to clean fabric surfaces. Then use a stain-remover to get rid of ... Read More
December 1, 2018lhyeoh
shell scheme booth


We are one of the leading providers of trade-show shell scheme booth solutions with over 8 years of experience across a wide range of industries and events in Malaysia. We pride ourselves on our reputation as one of the most creative and innovative Exhibition and Trade show Contractors in the region and ... Read More
July 2, 2018lhyeoh
coway big wow event



Coway Event Setup

Witness the Coway Big WOW Event that being held on 25th April 2018 at MiTEC Kuala Lumpur. See how grand the event is by yourself. Thousands of participant been flocked in to witness the big event. All are having a really good time to see the performances ... Read More
June 11, 2018lhyeoh
events in malaysia


Each year, there are many exhibitions held in different areas in Malaysia. Here I would love to share with you 10 of the most famous exhibition events in Malaysia that being held annually. And most of the events are held in the KLCC (Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre) ... Read More
September 21, 2017lhyeoh
table cover 2


Most often, it is the visual appearance of a trade show booth that attracts flocks of potential clients and curious eyes to a particular station. Every element of a display must complement one another in order to highlight the trustworthiness and knowledge of trade show booth owners. ... Read More
September 1, 2017lhyeoh
agriculture booth design



Agricultural Trade Show Displays

Every year many agricultural industries have trade shows around the country that allow many of those in agricultural field to see the new items that are available in the market today. For years I attended many of these and was able to see a wide range of boots. Many companies ... Read More
September 1, 2017lhyeoh