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Jewelry Trade Show Tips For Resellers and Distributors

Wholesale Jewelry Trade Shows

At wholesale jewelry trade shows you can find reliable jewelry suppliers with excellent products if you know what to look for.

Much of the jewelry is imported. That said, it’s important to know that the more sources your wholesale supplier have under his belt, the more likely it is you’ll find the kinds of jewelry and price deal you’re seeking.

Next, you’ll need to find a wholesaler familiar with presently held trends. A reliable wholesaler should provide jewelry options for you that are in line with today’s fashions. You certainly don’t want to carry lines that no longer have a place within the current marketplace.

Select a wholesale supplier that is keenly aware of timely classic jewelry. Examples include beautiful sterling silver, semi-precious gems, and sparkling Swarovski crystals. Traditional jewelry styles present a chic, smart look while providing you with a staple product that can be sold at any time of the year.

Look for wholesalers that offer accessories outside of the typical jewelry items of earrings, necklaces or bracelets. Examples of interesting accessories or frills include belts with jewels, charms, and pins.

When shopping at wholesale jewelry shows, make certain you find suppliers that are not stringent as far as minimum orders. It’s important to find a wholesaler where there are no huge minimums since you may not wish to make a huge deposit as far as a minimum balance.

You’ll also want to make sure that the jewelry you do select is in inventory rather than waiting for the jewelry items to be imported.

Additionally, it’s important to receive timely delivery from the wholesale jewelry suppliers you select. Inquire about the supplier’s timeframe for filling and packing your order, and the usual number of days before an order is shipped.

Suppliers at wholesale jewelry shows, then, should offer outstanding customer service and products that can compete in today’s marketplace. A good supplier’s main objective in doing business is making sure he can keep in step with the product needs and services required by his customers.

In conclusion, when shopping at wholesale jewelry shows, it’s important to find suppliers that provide a variety of jewelry styles, and that is up-to-date on trends. Wholesalers should offer sensible minimum purchase requirements, a timely shipment of products and a high level of customer satisfaction as well.

By finding the right wholesalers in which to do business, you can make a great deal of difference in the impression you make on your customers with regards to your own level of service and the products you provide for sale.

Jewelry Trade Show Tips for Resellers

A jewelry trade show is one of the best ways a retail jeweler can purchase jewelry wholesale while making valuable business contacts within the industry. It’s also a way to participate in workshops and learn new skills with respect to the jewelry industry itself.

Usually, the best kind of show to attend is one that is open to members of the jewelry trade only. Normally, you’ll find more genuine wholesalers at such an event. This particular show is typically organized with the intent of selling to the resale market versus directly to retail customers. Therefore, it’s an excellent venue for you, as a reseller, to familiarize yourself with the various wholesalers, gather industry information, and thus become better educated in the trade’s practices.

Purchases at a jewelry trade show are usually placed with a minimum order requirement, based on the total amount of jewelry ordered or the overall amount of each item purchased. In addition, you’ll ordinarily place an order to be shipped at a later date rather than pay for your purchase and take it with you that day.

In order to attend a jewelry trade show to shop for inventory, it’s a good idea to register before the day of the event. However, registration does not always guarantee admittance if you don’t possess the required documentation to get into the show.


Make sure you’re carrying such items as a business license, resale permit, business cards, and picture identification. Without any one of these items, you may not be able to gain entry. Therefore, before attending the show, be certain to contact the show sponsor and ascertain what documentation is needed in order to be admitted and obtain a badge to gain entrance. To do otherwise defeats the whole purpose of attending a jewelry wholesale event.


Thus, it’s important to remember several things before going to such a show:

  • Keep in mind what dollar amount you can spend.
  • As already stated, make sure you determine what documentation you’ll require to enter the show.
  • Is the event open to the public as well or strictly limited to resale businesses? Generally, shows only open to the retail trade will not admit children.
  • Make a list of what you need before you attend. Otherwise, the choices can almost be bewildering.
  • Remember, each exhibitor sets his or her own minimum requirements with regards to purchases. If you can’t meet the minimum requirement, the transaction can’t be processed as a wholesale purchase as it typically violates state laws or the policies of the show.

Armed with the above information, you’re more likely to avoid the confusion that an event like a jewelry trade show can present to first-time buyers. You can research trends and connect with new vendors by attending such events, and make substantially lower-cost purchases for your retail business at the same time.

Many jewelry trade show events sponsor classes, so you can learn to design and construct your own designer creations as well. It’s really a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in furthering their career in the jewelry business.

Jewelry Display Cases

Jewelry display cases come in an array of colors, designs, dimensions, and materials. The selection may seem a bit overwhelming.

However, a rule to follow as far as purchasing such a case is to make sure your display enhances the features of the jewelry you sell. Also, it should offer practicality, keeping your inventory safe from vandals as well as accidental damage. Be sure to consider its purpose before purchasing. For example, is it being used for a retail application or in housing a particular collection?

As far as material content, your jewelry display case must be highly durable and offer locks to safeguard your inventory. Some displays employ items such as tempered glass as well as lighting.

If you are traveling with your display case, make sure it is lightweight and portable. Should your jewelry be antique in appearance, a wood display case is an appropriate choice. Contemporary jewelry looks best displayed against a set of glass, acrylic or even aluminum.

Do not display a single item of jewelry within the case as your jewelry will get swallowed up in the expanse. Rather, your individual pieces will look much more attractive on a stand. Display case retailers can also provide the individual jewelry stands you place inside the case.

Necklace cases can be purchased with specialized applications, such as a bar, to hang your necklaces for proper display and to prevent entanglement. Other types of display apparatus include delightfully-styled earring trees and ring displays shaped like fingers which will accommodate each of your individual rings. These can be placed inside the security of the display case as well.

Contemporary jewelry display cases and stands as well as antiquated presentation options, such as the armoire, are popular on a worldwide level. The more classic examples include cedar chests and mirrored display cases. The preceding selections may also be used as a decorative furnishing or accessory.

Generally, more provincial displays, such as the cedar chest, are greater in cost because better wood is used in their manufacture. However, if you have your heart set on displaying your jewelry items in an armoire or similar item, there are many replicas of these items on the secondary market where the associated expense is less and, therefore, more feasible.

As far as preparing for your trade show, you’ll want to make reasonably certain the jewelry display cases you select fit nicely, dimension-wise, inside the booth. Further, if they’ll be used for travel they should be well-secured, light in weight and highly portable.

The most popular display case in this category for jewelry items is the counter showcase. The case is comprised of glass display components and includes strong glass shelving that is designed to endure the weight of heavier jewelry.

One final note, quality is your best friend when it comes to jewelry display cases. The design and overall construction of the case are what will attract prospects to your exhibit space and subsequently to your salable items.

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