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Which Banner Stand is Right for Your Business?

It is true that not all banner stands are created equally in quality but when speaking of their effectiveness, they are all pretty much the same. The difference in them is what they look like, how they fit into the already defined space they will reside in and most of all, the budget of the company looking to purchase them.

Are They Effective?

Banner stands have been proven to be effective in what they do. In fact, there are many different companies in different niches that rely on the aid of one of them. There are two parts to a complete banner stand display. One, of course, is the actual one and the second is the vinyl banner that is attached to the banner stand.

Generally speaking, the larger the vinyl banner and stand, the better the display will be. This is because there is a greater visible viewing area and the larger choice is usually more eye-catching. If space does not permit for a large display, smaller versions work great too. It really depends on how the stand looks comparable to the space that it is placed in.

X and L banner stands are the obvious choice for companies looking to get the least expensive options in their exhibition. Just because they are less expensive does not mean that they are not a high quality item. They are a high quality item minus the frills and function of other varieties.

Another lesser costing one that fits into a different category is the Boost retractable banner stand. Unlike the X and L banner stands, a retractable banner stand rolls in onto itself. It helps stay protected and also offers a quick way to set up the display. If speed and efficiency is the most important aspect of a portable display, then retractable roll up types are the best option.

There are more elaborate retractable banner stands to choose from including those that are larger in side as well as those which have double sided banner placements. For darker areas such as in trade show conventions most times, a light kit can be used on a banner stand display as well. There are many options to choose from but when it comes down to it, it is usually bought with a budget in mind. For those that can afford a retractable roll up banner stands, it is recommended to get one simply because of the added benefits. For those that do not have the budget, it just means a matter of a little extra set up time and a larger display area consumption because the X and L banner stands are not as streamlined as the retractable roll up variety.

Why Businesses Use Banner Stands?

Businesses are always on the lookout for different ways to market and advertise. They want advertising mediums that will serve dual purposes at times as well as tools that are affordable, easy to use and versatile in every possible way.

Banner stands are at the perfect height to look at. Most people, when walking will generally look toward the middle or even slightly downward. Because of this, banner stands put the message right at eye-level for the potential customer to view.

You can purchase these items in many different sizes and varieties. In fact, there are even double sided banner stands for those businesses that want to garner attention from both directions. Although double sided one are not necessary for everyone, they can double your exposure if in the right situation and used correctly.

Another reason businesses choose to use banner stands is because they are very versatile. They hold an image on a vinyl banner. They can be purchase in combination with one another or individually. Usually when purchased together, a company can save a little on the cost. The versatility comes when a company is looking to consistently change their message or offer varying messages throughout the year. In this case, the vinyl type is the only thing that has to be changed. When the other vinyl banners are not being used, they can be stored for later use. Storing a vinyl banner is easy and it does not take up much room at all. Even switching out the vinyl banner is simple with only needing to follow a few quick instructions.

Banner stands are compact as a general rule. They break down and set up easy as well. They can be stored just about anywhere, including a small closet. The carrying case that they are stored in help protect the complete unit; both the banner and the stand.

Businesses who are not using banner stands as a way to advertise and market should consider the benefits that are associated with ownership. They pay for themselves over and over and have proven to reap excellent results. Whether in the trade show business or the retail business, banner stands can become a great asset to the function of a company and draw in more attention and sales that would have not been otherwise.

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