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Modular Exhibition Stand


Do you need the flexibility of a modular exhibition stand but need something a little more individual?All of our modular exhibition stands are custom made for our clients. We can replace certain sections & panels with a range of finishings & coverings to create tailor built sections to complement your ... Read More
April 9, 2019lhyeoh
used trade show exhibit


A used trade show exhibit can be an ideal way for a company to make a big splash with a small budget. With pre-owned display components, some savvy updating, and a well-practiced booth staff your return on investment will be light years ahead of many of the other presenters. Choosing a ... Read More
October 10, 2018lhyeoh
COWAY WATSON trade show display


Do you know what it takes to make your trade show display stand out to potential customers? First of all, you must have a great display design, and experts in exhibition hire can help you create the perfect display for your business needs.The layout of your trade show display delivers ... Read More
September 2, 2017lhyeoh


Trade shows represent great opportunities for promoting your business. The most efficient secret in promoting your business’ image is to know how to choose the right trade show display. Why? In a trade show, a visual display allows us to capture the attention of the customers and transfer a big ... Read More
September 1, 2017lhyeoh
Fine Point Stylus Pen


Trade show items (or giveaways) are an important part of the trade show experience. Trade show items represent a strong opportunity to promote your brand essence, your new products or existing products, and they can create powerful leads for your business. Surprisingly, you do not need a huge budget to ... Read More
September 1, 2017lhyeoh
event display design



Tips on Event Display Design

Going to a trade show exhibit and preparing for event booths requires some to think outside the box all the time. These shows happen all the time and you should be ready to offer new things to your audience. A few changes on your event booth design once in awhile ... Read More
August 29, 2017lhyeoh
digital signage


First determine what your message will be. Know the things that you would want to inform to the potential consumer or viewer. This is the first step in the creation of digital signage, to know the message you want to deliver and to know who the target consumers are.Determine the type ... Read More
August 29, 2017lhyeoh
display banner stands


It is true that not all banner stands are created equally in quality but when speaking of their effectiveness, they are all pretty much the same. The difference in them is what they look like, how they fit into the already defined space they will reside in and most of ... Read More
August 8, 2017lhyeoh
x banner


If your business is like most small businesses, the advertising budget is small. Even large corporations struggle with allotting the appropriate amount of advertising budget at times. For those companies that need an effective solution and are on a tight budget, X banner stands could be the solution. A lot of ... Read More
July 30, 2017lhyeoh
photo booth


The photo booths are quickly becoming an essential part of people of all the ages. From the sweet sixteen's to the oldie Goldies; they are loved by all groups. The photos can get you in your past and make it a memorable event. It brings the memories back to life. ... Read More
April 6, 2017lhyeoh