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32 Things To Do In 32 Days When Your Business Is Slow

I would love to share with you of 32 things that you can do in 32 days when your business or organization is slow.

1. Send some handwritten thank you notes to your existing and previous clients.
You can thank them and give them some free business and event ideas. You need to amaze them in the proper way. Your clients will remember how much they like you and may hire you when they think of having an event.

2. Write an actual Business Plan or Marketing Plan.
Be honest; you never did one, and that’s okay. Just do it now. There are FREE workshops hosted by business based nonprofit organizations in EVERY community to assist you.

3. Take an online class, or a small business class in your community or better yet host a FREE class sharing what you are an expert about.

4. Round up some testimonials from your beloved clients.

5. Revamp your website a bit.
Is it time for updated sidebars, buttons, colors? Do you need to add more valuable links within your posts to direct your visitors to your additional helpful content and other sources around the web?

6. Check in on past clients via email or better yet see tip #1.
Plan out your next blog post (s). Try writing at least 20 using strong SEO optimized “keywords” from your business.

7. Identify three areas of life/business where you can start saving money. Do you really need your office line?

8. Create new business cards.

9. Create a new flier, brochure, and/or rack card.

10. Get yourself a good book on business, social media, etc.

11. Make a financial plan to save up for that next item you need for your business.

12. Host a giveaway for your business and promote it via every resource you have in your Marketing arsenal.

13. Organize the files on your computer and your home desktop screen.

14. Use Gravatar to make sure your picture shows up next to all your blog comments.

15. Create a free resource for your website visitors to download and love you for or receive when he/she signs up for your email list.

16. Create some standard reply emails that you can quickly personalize whenever a potential client emails you.

17. Write out your project/client workflow.
From the moment a client contacts you to the moment you deliver their goods or services, what should happen? How long should a client wait between each step? How will you manage the project on your end, and so on.

Write out the whole process to ensure you follow the same steps each time. This will help you not miss anything and will help ensure each client gets the same quality experience from you.

18. Check Google Analytics and see which posts and pages are your most popular.
Are there any pages with an extremely high exit rate/bounce rate? Try to figure out why.

19. Do a website blog post-audit.
Check that all your links still work, that you’ve linked to other content on your site whenever applicable from within each post, check that all your images are displaying correctly.

Check that all the information you share is still up to date, add new information when necessary, and do everything you can to continually make your blog content awesome.

20. Set up a Hootsuite account to help organize your social media (3 Free).

21. Schedule 3 posts per week at minimum Monday- Hot tip using SEO keywords, Wednesday- Free Service/ website, Friday- Funny picture with a caption.

22. Go into research mode.
Find three blogs in your industry with great information you can learn from. Or, find your favorite 10 blog posts about a certain topic and share links to them from a new blog post on your site.

23. Make sure all your blog posts and pages are optimized for search engines.

24. Clean up your email inbox, and unsubscribe from newsletters you haven’t read in 12 months.

25. Create a pretty email campaign to send out to your email list.
Mailchimp is a great, free way to do this.

26. Join a Networking group.

27. Volunteer some pro-bono work to a charity, business, or nonprofit organization.

28. Spend some time learning about a new social media platform you think might be valuable to your business.

29. Get some new photos of you, headshots are amazing marketing tools and should be updated at least every 3 years.

30. Make a new Twitter cover photo or Facebook cover photo for your business.

31. Record and publish a free video tutorial.

32. Make a short video that will add value to your customers.

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