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4 Ways To Make A Great Impression With Your Trade Show Display

Trade shows represent great opportunities for promoting your business. The most efficient secret in promoting your business’ image is to know how to choose the right trade show display. Why? In a trade show, a visual display allows us to capture the attention of the customers and transfer a big amount of information in a short amount of time.

Why is the design of the Trade Show Display so important?

Put yourself for a minute in your customer’s place: You have a few hours to visit the whole trade show, you look at each trade show booth for a few seconds and then you move forward. In those couple of seconds you will decide whether to take a closer look or whether you will keep walking. It is in those few seconds that you must capture and hold your customer’s attention.

The trade show display is the visual element of your business, this tells who you are, what you do and what matters for you in the business. Your brand essence must be translated into the trade show display.

Here are some simple rules to follow to make your trade show display grabs the attention of your customers:

1. Lettering

Make sure that your lettering is visible and big enough to read from a distance. This will allow it to be seen easily and it will individualize your trade show booth. It’s important to place the lettering in the upper half of your display, so that people visiting your booth won’t block it. And if you follow these simple rules, you’ll have lots of people visiting your booth!

2. Color

The main colors of the trade show display will be the ones that represent the company. Most companies have a color code (which is certain colors and certain combinations of these colors that uniquely identify that company). The trade show booth and the materials used for the exhibit must use a dominant color of the company’s colors. Make sure you use colors that are bright and appealing to the eye.

3. Signage

Your signage should contain key elements in the design in order to be more appealing for the customers.

a) Make sure that the lettering can be well perceived from its surroundings, so it is better if placed on a plain background.
b) You can use colored letters for your display, and if you want to create an impression of larger lettering, place them on a black background.

4. Lighting

Always use lights! Lights can sometimes turn an ordinary trade show display into a special one, by placing cool lights on all of your panels. This way your booth automatically looks more important and you will be “in the spotlight” for all to see!

Following these very simple rules can help you be more visible and easily identified in a trade show from all the other trade show booths. Your brand, it’s unique meaning and the things that your business can offer will be clear, and will attract many visitors to your booth. You’ll be amazing what a big difference four simple rules can make.

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