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Custom and Interactive Kiosk Design For Exhibition

What is Kiosk?

Some people not understanding what a kiosk is all about. Thus, before we go into the topic, we need to know what is it.
A kiosk is actually a small electronic booth that is computerized and places in the shopping mall, airports, LRT station, or other public areas that have many people wandering
A kiosk can also be a small booth that exhibiting company services or products. The kiosk is a small pavilion specially designed like a small house. It is often used for convenience services in the shopping malls and public area.
Ok, now you know what is a kiosk, let’s go further by discussing on the kiosk design for an exhibition.

Why does your exhibition need a kiosk?

A kiosk is playing an important role in an exhibition stand. It can help in luring the customer to come and stop at your booth for a longer time. Even the customers are not interested in the services or products that display on your booth, the kiosk usually can offer great help in creating the glamorous and curiosity for them.

When the kiosk is not using by anyone, it can display advertisement and promotions of your company. Customer can know what you are offering in an exhibition. Graphical presentations of the kiosk can be even more interesting.

A good kiosk design can deliver sales information, promotions and advertising to your customers without waiting for sales staff. This creates a good interaction between the customer with the kiosk. They also can protect your equipment and create computer stations for employees in retail or industrial exhibitions. All you need to do is choose the style that suits your needs and explores the range of possibilities for your business.

Customized Kiosk Design For Your Specific Needs

Kiosk system is an integration of a computer that runs the software, touch screen display for the input, and a kiosk enclosure to protect the system. It may also have a bill acceptor for the transaction of cash. By having the card reader, you can swipe, scan, and print the credit cards. Precisely, it is a high-tech computer that can perform varied tasks easily and conveniently.

With its touch screen monitor, it provides various services to customers, employees and also the general public with no one’s help. Kiosk system is most popular for online ticketing, purchasing and security check. It can also have features to replicate the routine HR functions in an organization.

Style of the kiosk system enclosure
You can place your kiosk system in different styles of enclosures. We have different enclosures available – metal, wooden or plastic enclosures. These enclosures are also available in varied shapes and sizes and you can select as per your preferences and needs. You can even have the specifically designed for your kiosk enclosures to give them a unique look.

Available in various sizes
You can order your kiosk systems in different sizes, such as full-size freestanding kiosks, PC size countertop kiosk and a hanging kiosk that is placed within your arm’s reach. Freestanding kiosks are mostly used for ATM’s, countertop kiosks for accepting payments and hanging kiosks for displaying information and advertisement. Whatever is your need, we can design a system exactly as per your requirement.

Option to place indoors or outdoors
Most of the kiosk systems are placed indoors but you can also keep it outdoor if you want to. Our kiosks for outdoor placements have special features to protect them from the changing weather conditions. The touch screen monitor can be adjusted for night use, and a temperature and weather control component can keep the system unaffected by the changing weather.

Options in Touch screen technology
We offer several options for the touch screen. The most common option is the resistive screen that is quite affordable and durable. But the disadvantage attached to this is that it lacks clarity. A rather expensive option is Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) touch screens featuring high resolution but its drawback is that it is vulnerable to debris.

The capacitive touch screen that can be activated by human touch is the best choice of a kiosk. These types of kiosks are having very high usage.
An infrared display is a high-end technology that is ideal for harsh and dusty environments. But they are a little difficult to use in direct sunlight. We can design a screen as per your requirement and budget.

Choose the monitor
You can go for the most preferred monitor option, the LCD monitor, which is available in a budget price these days. The CRT monitors are generally not recommended although they are very low cost. You can also go for a plasma TV with its multiple features and sleek design though it runs the risk of screen burn-in.

At Just Unique, we will help you decide the best system design for your kiosk system needs. Our expert professionals will be eager to help you in the selection process.

A significant rule for advertising and marketing would be the Seven Second Rule. What’s the rule means is that you have seven seconds to create and trigger the interest of the potential customer who comes across your kiosk.

If your kiosk display didn’t grab their eyeballs in the first seven seconds, they will lose the interest of your product and move away quickly. If you can grab their attention for that long, they will remain at your booth and listen to you, you will then have a high chance in closing a deal with them.

For kiosk designs, this Seven Second Rule holds true as well. An exciting kiosk design can attract a lot of passengers and make them flocking to your exhibition booth. In addition, dedicated kiosk ideas will make it possible for companies to target their products and have sufficient time to show them all the features and benefits that customer can get.

How to Lure in Visitors With Attractive Kiosk Design

Generally, the materials used to build the kiosk are either steel, aluminum-plastic, or stainless steel. The styles can be different and the size can be determined according to the size of the site.

You can hire professional kiosk contractor to design and construct the kiosk. A modern and good looking kiosk can bring you more business. The number of kiosks has increased continuously in recent years. You can find kiosk everywhere at the entrances of stations, parks, shopping malls, and exhibition halls.

The kiosk design is the first step when you want to get a kiosk. A good kiosk design should have the design concept and style of the kiosk. The most important design of the kiosk is the stylish design. There are many kiosk design idea that you can have which include European style, Chinese style, Western style, and many more.

Chinese Kiosk Design Concept and Ideas

Chinese-style is more traditional. Generally, the design is symmetrical, and the appearance is rather dull. In the aspects of interior layout, line shape, color tone, and furnishings, it absorbs the traditional architectural shape and the characteristics of certain Chinese culture. All these are the design ideas and concept for Chinese kiosk.

The modern Chinese kiosk design has removed the extra engraving and blended the comfort of a modern Western kiosk. It can adopt different kiosk design methods according to different types of kiosks.

The design style of the modern Chinese kiosk is on the shape. The simple straight line shows the simplicity of the design. Most of the modern kiosks are using the soft neutral color which gives people a feeling of elegance, warmth, and naturalness.

Material Used

In terms of materials, the design will use the wallpaper, vitrified tiles, and etc. The traditional charm and modern comfort can be perfectly blended together. The space decoration is mostly using simple and tough straight lines. Some kiosks will also use the panel with the industrial design color to match the Chinese style.

The use of linear decoration in a space not only reflects the modern people’s pursuit of a simple life but also matched with the introverted and simple design style of Chinese kiosks. This makes the design style of the new Chinese kiosk to become more practical and modern.

Europe Kiosk Design Concept

Whether it is a traditional Chinese-style or a modern Chinese-style kiosk, the design style is symmetrical and layery. The design of the European kiosk is just the opposite. Europe kiosk is emphasized on the curve and asymmetry design. The color is soft and beautiful, and nature is advocating.

The most common style in the European kiosk design style is the classical style. The European style emphasizes the gorgeous decoration, the strong color, and the exquisite shape to achieve the graceful decoration effect.

Items Used

The European kiosk tends to use the large lamp. The lamp is decorated with a gorgeous chandelier to create a soft atmosphere. The upper part of the door and the window is made into a circular arc and is lined with a stone line.

The wall is made of western wallpaper or high-quality latex paint to create a luxurious effect. The floor is constructed with quality plywood and soft decoration to create the overall effect.

Build A Custom Kiosk

Once all the ideas, features, and specifications are being finalized, you can start to create your kiosk. Professional kiosk provider will always work closely with clients to come out with a design that meets the client’s budget, intentions, ideas, and requirementsYou can even choose the different cool display stands designs we have to add the attraction to your kiosk design.

One thing to remember is before you build the kiosk, you need to understand that they are a long-term investment that should last you for several years. It should provide help and useful information to the people.

Thus, when choosing for kiosk planner, it is best for you to pick a company who is having a good reputation. A company like Just Unique can offer you a low price and over delivered services.
We have many years of experience in the industry. We are experts in the booth and kiosk setup which will not let you down. You can always count on us when you are looking for the service.

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