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How to Choose the Right Exhibition Booth Designers and Contractors

Exhibitors can usually entrust booth construction builders and companies, advertising agencies or interior decorators to design their booths when they need a booth to be built in an exhibition event.

The design of the booth will depend on the size of the booths they rent, the flexibility of booth changes, the service quality of the builder and contractor, the budget, and etc.

If the rented booth area is not big enough, it is not cost-effective to hire a booth construction company. You are better off by hiring an interior designer to design and then commission a decoration company to build it.

However, in order to effectively expand the market, it is necessary to hire experienced exhibition booth designers and contractors to do the design and architecture. You may also need construction and post-engineering services.

You can ask for the exhibition booth proposal from different exhibition booth contractors in Malaysia to get some ideas on how an exhibition booth plan goes.

Take Care of Your Exhibition From Beginning to End

Usually, the offering services of these companies are from the beginning of the design to the end of the exhibition. This is to ensure the booth will complete the task at its best.

The exhibition project is extremely time-sensitive. Only exhibition engineering companies or booth builders with rich experience and a good reputation can complete the construction work with high intensity in a limited time.

Booth Design Choices

The choice of booth design depends to a large extent on the purpose of the exhibitor’s participation. If the purpose of the company’s participation is to display the image and improve brand recognition for the company, then the booth should be designed to reflect the high quality of the company’s products.

If the company is having an exhibition with the purpose to open up new markets, then the booth design should be highlighted the products displayed to show a strong marketing idea. Even if it is a bit aggressive, but as long as it is not excessive then is fine.

However, regardless of the purpose of the company’s participation, booth construction is crucial for the company’s own development. Booths are displaying the company’s image and affecting the objective positioning of the products.

Therefore, you should really set a decent budget for the design and construction of the booth. Do not find an exhibition booth manufacturer or contractor with a poor reputation just because they are offering you with cheap price. This can end up become a disaster for you if anything goes wrong.

Evaluating Different Exhibition Booth Types and Options

Standard Booth

The standard and normal exhibition booth size will be the 10’ x 10’ shell scheme exhibition booth. Some exhibition booth panel sizes can be 10’ x 20’. You can try to come out with some ideas on how to design and decorate the 10 x 10 booth to make it more attractive.

If you have no idea, you can get a modular booth built by the event organizer or exhibiting companies. The basic standard booth configuration usually includes sidewall panels, back wall panels, carpets, and exhibitor company name board. Other booth facilities are optional

While the standard booth package usually includes furniture, lighting, and electricity in addition to the basic standard booth configuration. Standard booths are suitable for exhibitors who are exhibiting for the first time.

For the first time exhibitors, they generally will have a concern on the exhibiting budgets. Some may have limited management resources or they are very focusing on cost control. So, not many accessories are required to build the booth.

Modular Booth System

There is a wide range of booth construction modules that you can have in different styles, shapes, and materials. These types of booths are available to achieve high-quality booth performance at a much lower cost than custom booths.

Not only can the system be quickly installed and disassembled (thus saving the cost of hiring a dedicated contractor to go on-site for exhibition booth installation), but it can be reused multiple times (so the system cost can be spread across multiple exhibition projects).

Special Customized Booths

If you need a unique exhibition booth, then you can go for a specially customized booth. These types of booths are suitable for exhibitors who want to design their own booths and showcase their unique stand styles. Booths built in this way are usually not reusable like the acrylic booth, so the cost is high.

In order to control costs as much as possible, more and more exhibitors use this one-off special customization method (mainly for booth exterior construction) in combination with reusable booth internal modules.

Some exhibitors will require to design a booth with selves for them to display their products on the selves. Some will require to have a lounge for their booths, like the jewelry exhibition booth design where the lounge can let them offer customers to be discussed in a comfortable environment.

Some will request to have a trade show booth meeting room so that they can discuss with their potential customers in private. Some will want to make a pop-up booth to have the booth to be outstanding. All these are doable as long as you are having the practical concept and idea for your floor plan.

Booth Accessories

There are many accessories that you need to put on after building the booth. The accessories like backdrop mockup, backdrop design, banner, furniture, flooring, frame, etc are the things that you need to choose in order to match the theme of your booth.

For tables, most of the exhibition booth table sizes are 4 ft, 6 ft, and 8 ft. And the commonly used one is 6 ft.

Nowadays, you can find many trade show booths with TV to display their products or services to visitors.

Used Equipment and Accessories

If you want to save costs, you can go to find the used booth accessories.

There are some exhibition booth suppliers and vendors who are having stocks for used equipment and accessories like the exhibition booth panels, trade show booth kit, trade show booth kiosk, exhibition booth mockup, trade show booth on wheels, exhibition booth stand, fabrication, exhibition and trade show booth walls, and etc.

You can check to see if any equipment is suitable for your booth. Generally, you can get used accessories and relevant exhibition booth material at a very low price.

Trade show booth graphic design

One indispensable thing for all booths would be graphic design. If you want your booth to look attractive and outstanding, you will need to have a good graphic designer to help you design the graphic so that it can improve the overall outlook of the booth.

Booth for Rental

The other way for you to save costs on your booth is to rent it instead of building a new one. There are also some vendors that offer exhibition booth rental services in Kuala Lumpur.

Exhibition Booth Price in Malaysia

There are many trade shows and exhibitions held in Malaysia throughout the year. If you are interested to participate in an exhibition and would love to know how much you should pay for a booth, here I would share with you on this.

Generally, most of the yearly exhibitions like the wedding fair or baby fair, to have a booth, the price is an average RM4,000 per booth for a 3 days exhibition. This is the price for a normal 10’ x 10’ shell scheme booth.

If you want to have more exclusive or you need to have a larger space, then the price, of course, will be higher. It all depends on your budget and how you want to display your booth to the public. It is best for you to get a few quotations from different contractors and do a comparison of the prices, features, and services that they offered.

Determine the booth size

The size of the booth should be determined according to your goal of participating in the exhibition. It is necessary to comprehensively consider the type and quantity of exhibits, the space of the audience’s activity space (according to the number of high-quality visitors you expect to get), the consultation desk, the storage space, the reception area, etc. Of course, all these need to meet the budget that you set.

Then, the designer will need to come out with the exhibition booth layout design

Investigate infrastructure convenience

If you need to carry out product demonstration at your booth, you must carefully check whether the various available facilities are convenient to use, and do not neglect the position of the fixed structure such as the pillar. Otherwise, the demonstration effect will be affected.

For large exhibits, the location should not only be easy to visit but should also facilitate the disposal of waste generated during the demonstration.

Documentation on the Request of Booth Design

The design requirements document shall describe the objectives, exhibits, service requirements, drawings requirements and booth facilities in detail. You need to clearly define the important principles such as design principles and regulations, schedules and budgets.

Outsourcing booth design

If you choose a bare ground booth, in order to get the best overall design effect at the lowest cost, the booth design should be outsourced. For large or complex projects, you may also need to pay for a specific bidding plan.

Prepare budget and work schedule

When the booth design contractor is selected, the contractual service responsibility should be accurately specified in black and white documentation. You also need to come out with a checklist so that you can check on the progress of the booth construction.

The budget quota (required cost details) should be determined. You can require the booth contractor to list down the cost details for you.

The work schedule should be agreed upon and a clear reporting communication process should be established. If your booth is large or complex, you need to visit the contractor regularly during the project (not only during project acceptance) and go to the construction site to monitor the progress and quality of the project.

Ensure compliance with relevant regulations

All booth design and construction must comply with certain regulations. You need to make sure that you follow the trade show booth guidelines.

Booth design and construction regulations generally include provisions on booth height, load, facilities, building materials, etc., which are usually stated in the exhibitor’s manual. The design of the booth will also need to be approved by the exhibition organizer in advance.

So, you need to have the right exhibition booth measurements in order to build the right size of the booth that fit in the exhibition.

Exhibition booth training

If you are having the booth being constructed by a building contractor, you may need some training after the booth is completed. You need to understand the booth structure and setup.

Arranging infrastructure services

Infrastructure services such as water supply, power supply, gas supply, waste disposal, lifting and telephone, network connection, etc. must be submitted to the designated service contractor of the exhibition in advance.

You may need to fill in the relevant order form in the exhibitor manual for your application. If there are any problems, the relevant contractor should be notified in time to ensure sufficient supply.

Organize transportation, handling, and storage

It should be ensured that all bag luggage is labeled, clearly indicating the booth number to be delivered (otherwise it is easy to send to the wrong booth).

Someone must receive the goods in person at the booth (the exhibition organizer is not responsible for receiving the goods for you). ). In addition, most exhibition venues or locations do not provide space for empty bags so you will need to negotiate with your shipping agent.

Reserve ample booth construction time

Regardless of whether your booth is completely built or not, the show will open on time. Therefore, it must be ensured that sufficient booth construction time is reserved (especially for large or complex design booths). Don’t underestimate the time required for the booth construction, and don’t delay until the last moment.

Return to the booth as it is

When dismantling, the exhibitor shall be returned the booth as it is to the organizer. The relevant cleaning fees shall be paid and all damages shall be repaired.

If you are going to have an exhibition in Malaysia, you can find an exhibition booth contractor in the country to give you the design concept and decoration ideas on how to display your booth that match with the culture of the country.

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