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Your trade show booth rental can be dressed up with a few inexpensive items to prevent a generic display look. Here are some design ideas:


Bold, colorful vinyl banners and other graphics can be made very inexpensively, but they provide excitement, uniqueness, and focus to your exhibit.

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Plants and Flowers

For a warm, inviting ambiance, add a few plants or flowers to your trade show booth rental. Although you can usually rent them from the expo’s equipment supplier, your cheapest bet will be a local florist; contact a florist in the city hosting the event and ask if they provide rentals or have currently discounted items.

High-quality silk or other artificial plants and flowers are the best choices since hot lights and the busy environment of the event can be hard on plants. Be sure any plants are out of the way of traffic and not hiding any part of your display.

Accessory Storage

Keep your trade show booth rental stylishly organized by providing decorative caddies to contain pens, premium gifts or other giveaways, and any other supplies you’ll be using constantly during the show.

Be sure everyone in your booth understands the importance of keeping these items neat and tidy throughout the event.

If you use storage items themed to your business, so much the better: corral your pens in small flower pots if you’re in the gardening business, in mugs if you’re in the coffee or tea business; keep business cards in a toy farm vehicle if you’re in agricultural business, etc. You’ll be memorable!


You can have better, less expensive, and more stylish furniture in your trade show booth rental if you get it through a local-to-the-event furniture rental company.

The expo’s equipment supplier will have a hard time beating the deal you can get locally, and if you go through the supplier your exhibit’s furniture will look just like everyone else’s.

If the show’s management complains about your using an outside vendor, explain that the official equipment provider doesn’t supply the furniture you need.

Wastebaskets and Lights

You’ll have a bigger selection and lower prices on wastebaskets, lights, and extension cords for your trade show booth rental if you purchase them locally and donate them to a charity after the show. (Plus you can deduct the donation from your business’ taxes.)

The show management will be happy to rent you these same items at much higher prices, but a quick trip to the local hardware or variety store can yield big savings on these items.

Trade Show Booth Rentals That Get Noticed

Trade show booth rentals can be just as effective as custom exhibits, and much less expensive. Here are ways to get your display noticed:

Get Your Exhibit Noticed

Make your display striking and different to capture visitors’ attention. Some ideas:

  • Unusual colors are refreshing and attract the eye. Lime green, bright purple, pink, and other non-standard hues will make you stand out against the traditional business shades of blue, gray, and red.
  • Stark simplicity can also be a standout in a roomful of busy displays.
  • Large, bold vinyl banners or other graphics are another cost-effective way to get trade show booth rentals noticed.

Make Your Identity Known

Be sure your company’s name and logo are bold and conspicuous. Don’t make people walk by wondering who you are or what you provide.

Use color, lights, or a moving banner to establish your identity at the expo.

And most importantly, be sure your name and logo are clear and legible. Banners and signs with hard-to-read fancy fonts and cryptic logos are a waste of money. No one has time to stand around studying and decoding them.

Communicate the Benefits

Decide what benefits your customer derives from using your product or service. Write up some clear, concise, compelling statements communicating these benefits – use short, snappy statements that can be easily read and understood.

Have these statements printed on graphic panels, signs, and headers in an easy-to-read font.

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