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Custom Built Modular Exhibition Stands

Do you need the flexibility of a modular exhibition stand but need something a little more individual?

All of our modular exhibition stands are custom made for our clients. We can replace certain sections & panels with a range of finishings & coverings to create tailor-built sections to complement your exhibition stand components. The end result is a high impact exhibition stand making it stand out from the crowd.

A very flexible way to promote your business without depleting your bank balance is a custom-built modular exhibition stand. We have our own in-house team of expert exhibition designers who can take a basic exhibition design concept and re-create it into something tailored to your individual exhibition or event.

You’ll find us easy to work with and we work differently to most of our competitors in the industry. Having spent over 10 years in designing & building exhibition stands throughout the region, we are able to provide a range of portable and modular exhibition stand solutions for all your needs. Just give us a call!

We have the expertise in the design, build and logistical management of custom-built modular exhibition stands. With our in-house expertise and knowledge, we have the capability to manage the whole process for your modular exhibition stand build from start to finish.

Benefits of our modular exhibition stands:

  • Individually tailored to accommodate your needs.
  • Complete choice of color, palettes & schemes.
  • Cost-effective bespoke exhibition stand solution.
  • Exhibition stands can be quickly assembled for rapid up lead times.
  • Display visuals can be placed in storage and re-used for future use.
  • Re-usable exhibition stands that are environmentally sustainable.

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