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Tips on Event Display Design

Going to a trade show exhibit and preparing for event booths requires some to think outside the box all the time. These shows happen all the time and you should be ready to offer new things to your audience. A few changes on your event booth design once in awhile to capture their attention will spell quite a difference. It is just right to have this out-of-the-box mentality because you would be meeting a lot of competitors in a trade show event and you have to stand out among them.

Here are some basic tips that you can use and elaborate on your next trade show event:

Set Objectives

Getting into an event trade show can be overwhelming. The idea of showcasing your company in an event can be stressful. And, more often than not, things can be missed out on the planning stage. Set SMART objectives for the show to keep you guided. Have Specific objectives so you would be guided with the things you want to achieve at the end of the show. Make sure that that the objectives you have are Measurable and Attainable within the period of the event and for these to happen, not only you will set specific objectives, it has to be Realistic and on a Timeframe manner so you can attain it on a short period of time.

Target Audience and Product Message

Even before the event can take place, you have set of target audience already and you know what products to showcase for these target audiences. A tradeshow event is a great way to convey to your target audience your product message.


Tradeshows are very great opportunity to be able to interact with your target audience. Make use of the opportunity to hear out what people can say about your product. In this way you’d be able to position your product well in the market and it can be a learning step to communicate better with your market. Furthermore, the good part is that, the interaction on a tradeshow is real-time.

Graphics and Booth Space

An inviting booth should have a very nice and inviting design. It should be very inviting in the eyes of the people in the show not just for your target audience. An inviting and a very well designed booth have higher visibility and visits for the people who are in the trade show.

Involve your Team in the Designing Process

It is best to conceptualize the design of the booth with your entire team. Two heads are always better than one. Brainstorm everyone’s idea and come up with an out of the box theme for your booth.

Event shows can always open new opportunity to businesses and businessmen. You meet a lot of potential buyers or even partners in the business. Building up a theme design can be a make or break because people may judge your company or product on how your booth can look like. These are just some basic tips that one can start with. To better create a design that will sure make a difference on your booth for an event show, Just Unique would be the best company to check and do business with. We have been in the industry for more than 5 years. A Malaysia based company who design and build trade show exhibits in the region. A professional help with a company like us, your company will never go wrong on any trade show.

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