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The ASEAN M&E Show is a premier Mechanical and Electrical Engineering show in Southeast Asia that showcases the latest technologies and innovations in the field of mechanical and electrical engineering. It is one of the largest trade shows in the region and attracts exhibitors and visitors from all over the world.

Asean M&E Show

image credited: Asean M&E

Features a Wide Range of Products and Services

The ASEAN M&E Show features a wide range of products, services, and solutions related to mechanical and electrical engineering, including building automation systems, electrical and lighting systems, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems, energy management systems, power generation and distribution equipment, industrial automation, and many more.

The show provides a platform for industry players to showcase their products and services, network with potential partners, and stay updated with the latest trends and advancements in the mechanical and electrical engineering industry.

It represents five power-packed industry-leading events under one roof. The multi-event trade extravaganza comprises ASEAN Ecolight, ASEAN Solar Expo & Forum, ASEAN LIFT Expo & Forum, GREEN ENERGY Expo & Forum, and TENAGA Expo & Forum.

ASEAN Ecolight

ASEAN Ecolight is an initiative aimed at promoting energy-efficient lighting technologies and sustainable lighting practices in the ASEAN region. It is a collaborative effort among ASEAN member states, supported by regional and international partners, to address the growing energy demand and environmental concerns associated with lighting.

One of the key objectives of ASEAN Ecolight is to facilitate the exchange of information and knowledge among ASEAN member states and other stakeholders, including lighting manufacturers, suppliers, policymakers, and consumers. This includes sharing best practices, technical standards, and policy frameworks related to energy-efficient lighting, as well as promoting research and development in the field.

Furthermore, ASEAN Ecolight collaborates with relevant stakeholders to develop and implement policies, regulations, and incentives that promote the use of energy-efficient lighting technologies. This includes promoting energy-efficient lighting standards, labeling schemes, and certification programs to guide consumers and encourage the use of environmentally friendly lighting options.

ASEAN Solar Expo & Forum

The ASEAN Solar Expo & Forum is a prominent event that focuses on showcasing the latest technologies, products, and innovations in the solar energy industry in the ASEAN region. It serves as a platform for professionals and stakeholders in the solar energy sector to gather, exchange knowledge, and explore business opportunities.

One of the key objectives of the ASEAN Solar Expo & Forum is to promote the adoption of solar energy as a sustainable and renewable energy source in the ASEAN region. The event showcases the latest advancements in solar energy technologies, including innovations in photovoltaic (PV) cells, solar thermal systems, solar-powered appliances, and other solar applications. It provides a platform for companies to demonstrate their solar energy solutions, exchange ideas, and foster collaborations to drive the growth of the solar energy market in the ASEAN region.

The ASEAN Solar Expo & Forum also includes various conferences, seminars, and technical sessions that cover a wide range of topics related to solar energy, such as market trends, policy and regulatory frameworks, financing models, project development, grid integration, energy storage, and emerging solar technologies. These sessions are conducted by industry experts, researchers, and policymakers, providing attendees with valuable insights and knowledge-sharing opportunities.

The ASEAN LIFT Expo & Forum

The ASEAN LIFT Expo & Forum is the premier lift and escalator industry event in the ASEAN area. It’s a meeting place for those involved in the elevator and escalator industries to share what they’ve made, learn from one another, and find new chances for collaboration.

Exhibitors at the ASEAN LIFT Expo & Forum showcase a wide variety of elevator and escalator-related products and services, such as elevator components, escalator components, control systems, safety devices, maintenance and servicing equipment, and more. There will be attendees from all around the ASEAN area and beyond, including manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, building owners, facility managers, architects, and more.

Its aims to increase the use of lift and escalator technologies that are both safe and efficient throughout the ASEAN area. Innovations in elevator and escalator design, safety, energy efficiency, and smart technologies are all on display at this exhibition. Companies in the elevator and escalator industry in the ASEAN area can showcase their products and services, network with one another, and discuss ways to increase the market’s growth.


The GREEN ENERGY Expo & Forum is a well-known event that aims to accelerate the adoption of sustainable energy practices, raise awareness about the benefits of renewable energy technologies, and showcase cutting-edge innovations in these areas. It provides a meeting place for industry experts, businesses, government officials, and others interested in renewable energy to network, share information, and discover new commercial prospects.

Solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, bioenergy, geothermal energy, energy storage, and other associated technologies and services are only some of the renewable energy sectors represented at the GREEN ENERGY Expo & Forum. Participants come from all over the world and include producers, suppliers, developers, investors, policymakers, and others working in the renewable energy sector.

New developments in renewable energy generation, energy storage, grid integration, and smart energy solutions are all on display at the event. It allows businesses to showcase their renewable energy products and services, network with one another, and share ideas in an effort to hasten the widespread adoption of renewable energy.

TENAGA Expo & Forum

TENAGA Expo & Forum is where the energy takes center stage and sparks of innovation fly high! This dynamic event brings together the brightest minds and cutting-edge technologies in the energy industry, creating a vibrant platform for power professionals, innovators, policymakers, and industry enthusiasts to come together and light up the future of energy.

TENAGA Expo & Forum is not just another ordinary energy event. It’s an immersive experience that ignites inspiration and fuels creativity. Step into the exhibition hall, and you’ll be greeted by a dazzling showcase of the latest power generation, transmission, distribution, and renewable energy technologies. From towering turbines to sleek solar panels, from advanced grid solutions to smart energy management systems – every corner is brimming with innovation that will leave you electrified with excitement!

But TENAGA Expo & Forum is not just about flashy displays – it’s about knowledge and insights that shine bright. Join the thought-provoking conferences, seminars, and technical sessions, where industry experts and visionaries share their wisdom and spark engaging discussions on the future of energy. Learn about the latest industry trends, emerging technologies, policy frameworks, and best practices shaping tomorrow’s power landscape.

Highlights of the Show

The ASEAN M&E Show also includes various conferences, seminars, and technical sessions that provide insights and knowledge sharing on various topics related to mechanical and electrical engineering. These sessions are conducted by industry experts and thought leaders, covering areas such as sustainable energy solutions, smart buildings and cities, digitalization and automation, and green technologies.

One of the key highlights of the ASEAN M&E Show is the opportunity for businesses to connect with potential buyers, distributors, and partners from the ASEAN region and beyond. The show attracts diverse professionals, including engineers, architects, contractors, facility managers, and decision-makers from various industries such as construction, manufacturing, energy, and infrastructure.

The ASEAN M&E Show provides a valuable platform for companies to showcase their products and services, explore business opportunities, and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving field of mechanical and electrical engineering. It is a must-attend event for industry professionals looking to stay updated with the latest trends, technologies, and innovations in the mechanical and electrical engineering industry in Southeast Asia.

Past Event

A total of 10,000 visitors from 60 countries attended the ASEAN M&E 2022 event. The exhibition featured 150 exhibitors from 11 nations, as well as four big international pavilions representing Singapore, India, China, and Turkey.

Visitors had the opportunity to interact with exhibitors from Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Japan, Pakistan, Hong Kong, and Indonesia.

Tenaga Energy and Revac were presented at the event.

Tenaga Energy is a show dedicated to the power, electrical, and utilities industries, whereas Revac is a show dedicated to the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration industries.
Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB), Ray Go Solar, Assign Group, Daikin Malaysia, Mitsubishi Electric, American Air Filter, Japan Air Filter Malaysia, Mayair, and Haier Electric were among the major brands represented at the event.

ASEAN M&E capitalises on this growing interest in technology by bringing industry leaders and prominent enterprises together under one roof.

Ultimate Goal

The ultimate goal for ASEAN M&E Show is to realign and revamp their strategies, with a laser focus on fostering meaningful community connections at the grassroots level, all in pursuit of mutual prosperity. The event mantra is “Meet, Engage, and Reconnect,” and the efforts at TENAGA Energy will be centered on pioneering smart and sustainable solutions, ranging from renewable and clean energy to critical backup power, transmission and distribution, and efficient energy consumption and management.

Meanwhile, REVAC will take the spotlight in showcasing cutting-edge innovations in airflow, air quality, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, as well as state-of-the-art HVAC equipment, services, and automation and controls. Together, the event aims to bring a fresh and transformative approach to the industry, delivering unparalleled value to the company’s portfolios and making a positive impact on the world.

Exhibition Fabricator Required For ASEAN M&E Show

Such a huge expo event is not going to make it without the help of exhibition fabricators.

The process of designing, developing, and constructing physical displays or installations for exhibits, museums, galleries, trade shows, and other public locations is known as exhibition fabrication. It entails meticulously crafting structures, displays, graphics, and interactive elements to communicate a specific message or subject, enhance the visitor experience, and showcase things or ideas in an entertaining and instructive manner.

Exhibition fabrication can include tasks such as designing and building exhibit structures, creating custom displays or mounts for artifacts or artworks, designing and producing graphics or signage, integrating multimedia elements such as audiovisual displays or interactive exhibits, and coordinating with other professionals such as curators, designers, architects, and contractors to ensure the exhibition’s success.
The exhibition fabricator will make your booth an attractive one to display to visitors at ASEAN M&E Show. Therefore, all participants should work closely and pick the right exhibition fabricator to make their event a success.

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